League Of Legends Valentine's Day Cards For The Rakan To Your Xayah

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Sencoux, look what they have done to you! Riot Games

It’s Valentine’s Day on Summoner’s Rift, which means love is in the air—or is that just Twitch standing nearby? For the last few years, Riot Games has released romantic, heart-warming and sometimes cringey cards to help its awkward, AXE body spray-using, fedora-wearing teenage fan base to find a lady. I will give my girlfriend one of these later tonight and I expect nothing but laughter and mocking at the nice, fancy restaurant later tonight.

Here’s the list of each year’s set, but make sure to read what’s written on them before you send them. There’s nothing worse than sending a Debonair Jayce to a Poppy.

2014- A simpler time, when only Jayce, Vayne and Ashe had flamboyant pink outfits.

2016- My favorite of the bunch, these cards use the game’s champions to tell single-panel stories. Love is totally okay, you are 100 percent right Rammus and Rek’sai.

2017- After a few years, Riot Games decided to get back into the game by collaborating with community artist Zuqling. These are my favorite of the bunch—Pantheon and Leona make beautiful meat together.

jhin jinx
Jhin and Jinx are chaos intertwined. Photo: Riot Gamex

2018- This year, things got awfully creepy. Instead of the usual heartfelt, meaningful messages said by the game’s champions, the EU LCS team decided to meme. There’s 50 cards with different European players making goofy puns about their name or just being cringey as fuck. I know Soaz is French, but the baguette meme really needs to die out.

Reddit user oneminutegames also made cards for all 139 champions and only some of them are creepy, the rest are shit posts.

If you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day, you can just spend your money on League Of Legends instead. Sweetheart Rakan and Xayah skins cost 1350 RP apiece, new icons cost 250 RP, Lovebird ward is 650 RP and Emotes are 450 RP.

Who needs a special someone when you have MOBAs? Tell us in the comments!

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