League Of Legends Tinkers With Ahri And Quinn Reworks, Jungle And Stopwatch Changes In Patch 8.4

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Valor, to me! Riot Games

League Of Legends champions Ahri and Quinn might receive a rework, according to a new developer post by Riot Meddler. Riot Game’s lead gameplay designer has been stopping by the League forums every few weeks to share some ideas that his team has been working on, though there is no guarantee that any of these changes will go live. Developers tend to go through dozens of tweaks before the public ever sees what happens behind the virtual iron curtain.

Meddler believes that Ahri is currently balanced, but “her highs should arguably be higher and her lows lower,” meaning she needs a more consistent power level. Currently, if you’re ahead with the fox mage, you’ll have to have amazing dexterity and a dumb opponent to destroy everyone in a team fight. If you’re alarmingly ahead, she should be able to have a bigger impact in team fights. She’s still useful when behind as she easily spams her orb to clear minions or uses her charm to catch out enemies in the wrong place. Meddler gave no suggestions on what they plan to do with Ahri, but she won’t see changes until after patch 8.4.

Quinn is a bit more complicated to balance since she doesn’t really have a clear identity. She’s a scout for Demacia with a trusted bird, but right now she doesn’t fulfill that stealthy fantasy. There are confusing aspects to her kit, like her ultimate that turns her “bird into a taxi.” They don’t want to turn her into a standard marksmen, but instead, “any significant work on Quinn needs to include making her a more functional team fighter and in exchange wean her somewhat off her laning pattern that leaves opponents she's good against without much ability to respond,” Meddler said. Like Ahri, there’s no set date for when these changes will hit the PBE.

The biggest changes will happen in high-impact parts of the map in an attempt to curtail the boring matches that have infested the LCS. Baron and Elder Dragon both have their stats buffed in the late game to try and make there objective impact more substantial. Tracker’s Knife, the jungle augmentation Sightstone, will most likely get removed. Also, Stopwatch will get nerfed, delaying the time it can be used from six minutes to eight. Hopefully, these should make games bloodier in the early and late game, and give me a reason to care about professional League outside of Doublelift’s shit talking. These additions are planned for patch 8.4.

Post patch 8.4, Meddler will look into zombie wards, teleport and early game sustain (specifically with Runes and Relic Shield).

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