League Of Legends New Skins: Lunar Guardian, Sweethearts And Arctic Ops Gragas

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rakan xayah sweethearts
Sweethearts Rakan And Xayah Surrender@20

The newest League Of Legends skins coming in Patch 8.2 celebrate February with the Lunar Revel, Sweethearts and Artic Ops Gragas. Revealed on the German LoL Facebook page, these skins debut during Riot Games most colorful time of year. After Monday’s teaser, I was sure that Aurelion Sol was going to get a skin, but turns out that it’s actually for Lux. She’s had two skins released in the last year, including an ultimate skin that would put any champion above the rest. I’m not sure why they’d give her another, other than to chase that profit margin, but Riot Games is a business after all.

Lunar Guardian Warwick and Nasus are the gatekeepers, making sure nobody can stop their massive onslaughts. Their bright yellow armor on white, sleek bodies is beautiful to look at and makes them feel like some sort of celestial beings. Since Riot Games loves to embrace the memes now, both these champions unlock gates on their recalls, which I’m sure Trick2G will be very happy about. The third member of the trio, Lunar Empress Lux, is a bit more common. Though her staff turns into two adorable fluff balls on her recall, she seems to just be the traditional female model with slightly more gilded bits.

rakan xayah sweethearts
Sweethearts Rakan And Xayah Photo: Surrender@20

Rakan and Xayah have become smash hits since their release earlier in 2017, making the couple a perfect pick for a Valentine’s Day skin. These Sweethearts follow the Heartbreakers line, with bright reds, blues and whites making them feel right at home in the Queen Of Hearts army from Alice In Wonderland . Their recall is a nice slow dance, where the lovers can really get a hold of each other, making League’s lonely players feel even sadder.

arctic ops gragas
Arctic Ops Gragas Photo: Surrender@20

The best skin out of the whole shebang has to be Arctic Ops Gragas. Following Arctic Ops Varus, this fat dude will use his barrels to explore the unknown. Maybe he’ll even find Mei from Overwatch on his journey. His recall is a bit absurd, having a submarine peek out from the water and dive while he’s still on top. I know Gragas is also a scuba diver, but the frigid waters would turn him into a fat popsicle.

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