League of Legends Patch 9.5: Patch Notes Reveal Akali Gets Reworked

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LoL Patch 9.5
LoL Patch 9.5 League of Legends

Riot Games has officially released patch 9.5 for League of Legends. Since it was already announced ahead of time, it's no surprise that Kayle has received a complete change. Morgana's visual updates were also expected. However, those two would not be the only heroes recieving updates in the 9.5 patch.

Skarner's Crystal Spires passive has the spire radius increased to 1600, but it is now removed from the minimap. This means his counterjungling will no longer be clear to the other team. Two of Vi's skills have been readjusted in the hopes that this will make players consider her more as a jungle pick. Her Q - Vault Breaker skills no longer deal 25 percent reduced damage to non-champions. The ratio for the bonus attack damage has also been lowered to 1.4. Meanwhile Vi's R - Assualt and Battery has the damage changed to 150/325/500 (+1.1. bonus attack damage) with the cooldown changed as well to 120/100/80. The adjustment mean that this will make her faster in terms of jungle clear and make her stronger in teamfights.

Akali League of Legends

Akali also had some changes in the new patch. Players know that she has been nerfed every now and then every time a new patch arrives. For 9.5, the developers made different changes. Developer notes revealed that while Akali was nerfed back in 9.3, this resulted in her being "in a sad state, but we needed to be sure that the mechanics we removed were actually what made Akali problematic."

For this patch, Akali's Q - Heal has been removed. For her W - Twilight Shroud, the hero will now be revealed with the attack range of the turrets instead of their sight range. In addition, Akali will now need to exit and re-enter her shroud once in order to extend the shroud's duration for at most 3 seconds. Prior to the change, this was extended by 0.5 seconds six times.

The E - Shuriken Flip has first cast damage increased to 70/105/140/175/210 but second cast damage lowered to 50/80/110/140/170. Finally R - Perfect Execution has cooldown lowered and is now 100/85/70 seconds.

The 9.5 patch also introduced some changes to items. The healing of Relic Shield Line has been decreased. This change gives non-tank supports some chance to go against tank supports. Stormrazor, meanwhile, has been buffed. Damaged is upped to 60 and attacked has increased to 30 percent.

Players will likely be interested in two new additions. The first is the KD/A Ahri Prestige Edition, which shows some upgrades compared to the regular versions.

K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition
K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition League of Legends

The second is the Arclight Brand. It not only looks great, but the effects fit well to the Arclight line.

Arclight Brand
Arclight Brand League of Legends

Full patch notes are available here.

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