League of Legends Patch 11.13: Changes in Tahm Kench Rework

Tahm, the River King
Tahm, the River King Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 11.12 just went live over a week ago but Riot just dropped some information about Patch 11.13.

One of the highlights of the upcoming update is a little rework for Tahm Kench. His base stats are going to be slightly augmented and his abilities will get some changes.

Keep in mind that all of the things mentioned here are tentative, meaning they are subject to change before the patch’s final release.

The first change is on Tahm’s passive, Acquired Taste, where getting three stacks empowers Tongue Lash and Devour on the affected enemy champion. Though no specifics yet about this empowerment. Right now, three stacks result in extra effects on enemies.

For Tongue Lash (Q), the biggest change is Tahm’s ability to gain health. When Q hits a champion, Tahm can gain from 6% to 10% of his missing health. And as usual, the ability adds a stack of Acquired Taste.

Abyssal Dive in the new patch becomes a normal ability (W). Its original, Abyssal Voyage, can cover half the map but deals no damage. The new “dive” version can deal 100 to 240 plus 100% AP magic damage and knocks up enemies in an area for a second. If Tahm hits just one enemy champion, 30% of cooldown and mana cost are refunded. Tahm may bring an ally champion for the dive using Devour.

His new ultimate, Devour (R), is deadlier than before deserving of the title, the River King. Enemy champions with three stacks of Acquired Taste can be devoured and take 100 to 400 plus (15% + 0.05% AP) of their max health as magic damage. Devoured ally champions now gain a sturdy shield for a few seconds after being spit out.

Highlights of Stat Changes for Tahm Kench:

  • Base HP decreased to 570
  • HP per level decreased to 95
  • Base Armor decreased to 42
  • Mana per level increased to 50
  • Thick Skin (E) Passive: Tahm stores 45/50/55/60/65% of damage and when out of combat for more than four seconds, the ability will heal Tahm for 30-100% of its value. If used as an active skill, it will convert all stored Thick Skin into a shield that lasts 2.5 seconds.
  • Devour (R). If allies are devoured for three seconds, they are granted a shield that blocks 300/450/600 (+100% AP) damage for up to 2.5 seconds after being spit out. Allies can get out of the devour state early.

Are you in favor of Tahm's mini rework? If not, which of these things do you want the devs to improve?

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