League of Legends Patch 11.12: Which Champions Got Buffed and Nerfed

League of Legends Aphelios
League of Legends Aphelios Riot Games

It was not long ago when Riot Games released some patch notes regarding its upcoming Patch 11.12. While it was evident that Dr. Mundo’s gotten the bulk of the changes, it seems that the “Madman of Zaun” is not the only one as other champions will get balance changes as well.

League of Legends gameplay design director Mark Yetter has released additional tentative patch notes for the upcoming update. Here is a rundown:

Patch 11.12 Champion Balances

Aphelios - Buffed

  • Base level Magic Resistance increased to 30.

  • Attack Damage per level increased to 3.

  • Severum’s Q damage dealt per attack increased to 10-40(+20-35% Attack Damage).

  • Severum’s Q number of attacks decreased to 6 + 1 per 50% Attack Speed.

  • Infernum’s splash damage dealt to minions decreased to 19-25%.

  • Crescendum’s Mirror Chakram starting damage decreased to 15% attack damage, which diminishes to 5% for subsequent hits. Q damage per attack increased to 31-100(+40-60% Attack Damage).

  • Moonlight Vigil damage dealt by Infernum Explosions decreased to 85%. Crescendum bonus decreased to 4 additional mirror Chakrams.

Gnar - Nerfed

  • Base Attack Damage has decreased to 57.

Draven - Buffed

  • Bonus damage dealt by Spinning Axe increased to 40/45/50/55/60(+70/80/90/100/110% base Attack Damage).

Illaoi -Buffed

  • Mana per level has increased to 50.

Hecarim - Buffed

  • Base level armor increased to 35.

  • Rampage’s base Attack Damage ratio increased to 85%.

Kai’Sa - Nerfed

  • Icathian Rain’s cooldown has increased to 10/9/8/7/6.

Jarvan IV - Buffed

  • Golden Aegis’ cooldown decreased to 9 seconds.

Malphite - Buffed

  • Thunderclap’s damage dealt on-hit increased to 15-55(+15% armor).

Rammus - Buffed

  • Defensive Ball Curl bonus armor increased to 40.

  • Soaring Slam cooldown decreased to 110/95/80 seconds.

Nasus - Nerfed

  • Soul Eater’s lifesteal effect decreased to 10-22%.

Talon - Nerfed

  • Rake’s initial damage dealt decreased to 40-80(+40% base Attack Damage). Return damage dealt increased to 50-170(+80% base Attack Damage).

Renekton - Nerfed

  • Cull of the Meek healing effect per unit decreased to 2-6 +3% base Attack Damage(6-18 + 9% bAD empowered).

Udyr - Nerfed

  • Phoenix Stance flame damage decreased to 50/95/140/185/230/275 (+80% Ability Power).

Varus - Nerfed

  • Blighted Quiver bonus damage dealt decreased to 9-21% missing health.

Wukong - Nerfed

  • Base attack damage per level decreased to 3.5.

  • Crushing Blow bonus Attack Damage ratio decreased to 45%.

Ziggs - Buffed

  • Bouncing Bomb damage dealt increased to 85-285.

  • Mega Inferno Bomb missing speed (from medium and long-range attacks) increased to 2,250.

It is worth noting that all of these changes are still tentative and may be tweaked before the patch’s final release. So, what do you think of the balance changes for Patch 11.12?

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