Last Epoch "Eternal Legends" Update Introduces Game's First Dungeon

Last Epoch Eternal Legends Update
Last Epoch Eternal Legends Update Twitter/@LastEpoch

The Eternal Legends update for Last Epoch is now available. It introduced the game’s first dungeon and once completed, will reward you with a chance to craft Legendary gear.

New Dungeon

The Temporal Sanctum is the first of many dungeons that will be introduced in the Last Epoch. A place of study corrupted by obsession, those who venture forth will come face to face with Chronomancer Julra - a researcher who will stop at nothing to unlock the power of time and secrets of the Eternity Cache.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, to access the dungeon, you must acquire dungeon keys dropped by timeline bosses and rare enemies found in various endgame zones. Second, if you die inside or leave the sanctum early, you need to spend another key to get in.

Third, there is a dungeon-specific ability called the Temporal Shift, which allows you to change between Eras using the Epoch. You’ll have to use this often to reach the far depths of the sanctum.

Different modifiers can be chosen as you explore the Temporal Sanctum, which increases the danger but improves the rewards that you’ll get.

Once the dungeon has been conquered, you can harness the power of the Eternity Cache. It is also worth noting that you can proceed directly to Chapter 9, but this is only recommended if your characters are strong enough to handle what lies ahead.

Eternity Cache

Eternity Cache
Eternity Cache Eleventh Hour Games

The Eternity Cache allows adventurers to craft Legendary items by sacrificing a Unique item with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item of the same type. So, if you want to craft a Legendary sword, for example, you’d have to sacrifice a Unique sword and an Exalted sword to complete the process.

Take note that Unique items can now drop with up to four Legendary Potential. This is not retroactive, however, which means that all Uniques before the latest patch will not have Legendary Potential.

Furthermore, the Exalted item that you use must have four standard affixes. And, if you can clear the higher tiers of the dungeon, you can create Legendaries using Uniques with higher-level requirements.

The Eternal Legends update for Last Epoch offers a lot of things. You can head to the game’s official website to learn more.

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