King's Bounty II: Hotfix #2 New Speed Setting Will Help Battles Finish Faster

King's Bounty II Hotfix # 2
King's Bounty II Hotfix # 2 Steam

Developer 1C Entertainment has released the second hotfix for King’s Bounty II. In this update, a new setting has been added to speed up the course of the battle. This is a welcome addition to the game, especially for those who only have a few hours to play.

Another notable change is that Aivar now has a new rewards system, with more resources and items to be given to you just by progressing through the campaign.

In terms of the user interface, those who want to learn more about their current quests will be happy to know that the developers have improved the text in the Journal to make them more readable.

If it annoys you that some interactive objects may impede your vision at times, there is now an option to disable the highlighting of these objects. Of course, this can be turned on at any time.

This hotfix is currently available on PC and Xbox One. So, those who are playing on PS4 or Nintendo Switch will have to wait a bit longer. That said, some new improvements have been added exclusively to the PC version.

For instance, quest entries in your journal can now be tracked by double-clicking on them. Aside from that, the devs added the option to allow purchasing of new units by just double-clicking as well.

Patch Highlights

  • The descriptions of the starting talents of all three main characters have been changed
  • The first items for all three main characters in prison have been changed
  • Fixed an issue with resurrecting a friendly unit during enemy hero controlling
  • Quest Exceeding Expectations: the possibility of taking the quest is now more noticeable for users
  • Added a label for the quest Collect Sequestor’s seal
  • Item sorting in inventory was replaced by an item filter
  • Added additional loading screens
  • Added a special window about exit to the main menu
  • The faces of some NPCs have been changed in cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue with losing the installed DLC during loading the game
  • Fixed an issue with the mount disappear during a dialogue or cutscene
  • Improved overall lighting in different locations
  • Added the ability to track the quest in the Journal by double-clicking with the left mouse button
  • Fixed an issue with miss clicking the ability icon in battle

King’s Bounty II Hotfix #2 is now available on Xbox One and PC.

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