King's Bounty II: September 10 Update Boosts Movement Speed of Main Characters

King's Bounty II
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King’s Bounty II has received its first-ever hotfix and it adds a lot of improvements, including the increased movement speed of the main characters on foot and on horseback, among others.

The launched game is a massive improvement compared to the original, which is almost 31 years in the making. That said, the game’s first hotfix adds several quality-of-life improvements.

For instance, you may have noticed that you have to dismount from your horse if you want to interact with merchants, tablets, chests, altars, and others. Although it is not a big deal, it can be a bit annoying to dismount just to interact with certain game elements.

Fortunately, the hotfix now allows you to interact with these without dismounting from your horse, which should save you time when progressing through the story. In addition, overall movement speed is increased - both when traversing by foot or on horseback.

There was also this issue where you are unable to apply any spell, buff, or debuff of third grade in some places. This can be problematic, but the good thing is that the developers have finally fixed this issue.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed an issue with purchase units in reserve exploit
  • Fixed an issue with selling all the trash from the inventory for the price of one item
  • Fixed an issue with “Taunt,” when units that were not under the influence of this spell did not receive damage from the Red Dragon
  • Fixed an issue with predict Resurrection effect
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the prohibition of the use of skills, if the Fear effect is imposed on the squad
  • Fixed an issue with animation of movement for female characters.
  • Fixed an issue with freezes on locations when moving
  • Changed the starting equipment of the heroes in the quest Leaving the Prison
  • Final twist fixed: added a popup about completing the game in the quest In the Void
  • The difficulty of the last battle in The Cold Shoulder quest has been reduced
  • Added option to change the keyboard layout (QWERTY/AZERTY)
  • Added maximum frame rate setting
  • Added a FOV slider
  • Added Quicksave (F5) and Quickload (F9)
  • V-Sync option works by default

Take note that this hotfix is only available for the PC version of the game. Those playing on consoles may have to wait longer to get the update.

King’s Bounty II is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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