Kingdoms Update 0.743 Brings 9 Different Wild Flowers

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Kingdoms continue to get support from its developer. Just yesterday, the game received a small update that added flowers. A total of nine wildflowers have been introduced along with a few bugs addressed. The Russian translation was also updated.

The newly added flowers are just not there for show. In future updates, you will be able to craft items with them via alchemy. Every plant will give you one health point. A new item called “Bouquet” was added. Players can craft bouquets by visiting the inventory. The update also replaced the main screen logo of the game.

We have mentioned the rest of the changes and names of new flowers below.


  • New flowers were added to vegetation:
    • Bouncing Bet
    • Cornflower
    • Emperor's Wort
    • Poppy
    • Chicory
    • Chamomile
    • Brown Ray Knapweed
    • Goldenrod
    • Sunroot
  • Fixed issue when the player couldn't pick up quest "Farmer asks to kill a wolf"
  • Fixed issue when the player's save could get broken if there were too many stored items on horse's back
  • Fixed issue when prices in shops weren't correctly calculated sometimes - AI traders perks weren't properly loaded to formula
  • Fixed issue when "Buy" and "Sell" parameters in shops weren't saved correctly sometimes
  • Fixed issue when the game couldn't be loaded when a new item was added
  • Russian translation was updated

The complete patch notes can be read on Steam.

Kingdoms is a procedurally generated medieval role-playing indie game developed and published by the small company, Oreol. Even after many years of development, the game is still in Early Access. You can purchase it on PC via Steam for only $9.99. As of now, Kingdoms is not available on other platforms.

Feel free to check out the patch notes of previous updates of Kingdoms over here.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Do you think these flowers will make a nice addition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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