Kingdoms Update 0.721 Allow Players to Track Animals

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Kingdoms’ developer brings another patch. Update 0.721 has added a new feature called Tracking, which is exactly what it sounds like. Now players can track nearby animals. A player who has hunter perks equipped can track animals by species. However, an inexperienced player can only track by “some animal nearby." So, better start spending those skill points on Hunter Perks. You can start tracking by going to the Journal and selecting the TRACKING tab.

There are four different tiers of tracking animals. You can track all animals’ species by purchasing the Skinner perk. Butcher perk will allow players to kill herbivores and random meat-eaters. Speaking of herbivores, a new map icon for them is added as well.

The rest of the changes that the update brings are mentioned below.


  • Now JOURNAL tab has two sections: QUESTS and TRACKING
  • Without any hunter perks, players can track only any random animal nearby, without knowing its species, etc.
  • With Yager perk, players can track big meat-eaters and herbivores by species and random small ones
  • Quest animals can't be tracked using hunter skills. They'll be still marked by quest - to not to break quests objectives
  • "Object reaching" parameter of map icon for animals was changed in order to improve their tracking


  • Fixed annoying UI issue when animal icon could disappear for some moment and disorient player when destination distance was about 100 meters
  • Fixed issue when the icon of some quest character could also disappear for some moment, disorienting player as well
  • Fixed issue, when quest animals weren't properly marked sometimes
  • Fixed issue when quest animals could be stuck in the air sometimes
  • Fixed issue when the house was unable to build if players build the exact same house recently
  • Fixed issue when quest animal could disappear from the map if the animal of the same species was nearby


  • Russian translation was updated

The complete patch notes are mentioned over here.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Kingdoms recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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