Kingdoms Update 0.681 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, Extra Changes, and More

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Kingdoms developer, Oreol, recently released another update that fixed several known issues and made some changes to the game. Three new cosmetics for males and females have been added along with new customization options like hairstyles and beard types.

Some issues where players getting stuck after conquering a settlement and if the general was murdered is now fixed by this update.

Update 0.681


  • New face customization slider was added, "face type."
  • New HQ body mesh was added for males.
  • New HQ body mesh was added for females.
  • Settlers' faces will be automatically recalculated and adjusted to new models, no new game is needed.
  • New Quest was added, "Leader asks to kill a wolf near by."
  • Now if a settlement has no war-camp and the army isn't on the march, soldiers will be automatically disbanded.


  • Fixed issue when a ship with new settlers was empty after creating the populated world.
  • Fixed issue when male's eyebrows were missing.
  • Fixed issue when male's beards were missing.
  • Fixed issue when the camera could fly right into settlers' faces during the dialog sometimes.
  • Fixed issue when soldiers could be stuck at the war-camp place after siege even if war-camp was destroyed and siege is over (thanks to all players for their saves! - it helped to fix the issue much faster).
  • Speed of settlers speaking animations was adjusted to make it look more natural.
  • Fixed rare issue when inventory UI became invisible sometimes.
  • Fixed rare issue when tutorial UI became invisible sometimes.
  • Fixed issue when players soldiers could be stuck at the place after siege if they were sent to war without war-camp build.


  • Russian translation was updated.

According to the developer, the game is still in development and not a finished product. While updates will come three to four times a week, the patches are likely to cause various issues. They added that bugs are being fixed and new ones will appear, which are normal during development.

You can read more about the update here.

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