Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions Gets New Mounts and More

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions Sofa Mauve Studio

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions is a fantasy survival RPG with base-building elements developed by Sofa Mauve Studio. Aside from base building, this game features a complex crafting system that utilizes resources that you can gather from farming and fishing. It also contains three distinct races you can choose from, with bonuses specific to each one. It even has a transmog system so you'll look cool without sacrificing stats from your best pieces of gear.

Anyway, Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions received a pretty sizable update which brought tons of new content. One of the most notable is the new mounts!

Mounts in RPGs like KoA: CotC are pretty helpful when you have to go long distances. Mounts have three tiers with varying movement speeds to make them easily distinguishable. Here's a brief rundown:

  • Tier 1 Mount: 30% increased movement speed
  • Tier 2 Mount: 60% increased movement speed
  • Tier 3 Mount: 90% increased movement speed

Using a mount on paths will yield better movement speed, just like the player. For example, if you're riding a Tier 3 mount on paths, your movement speed will be 115% instead of 90%.

Besides mounts, the company improved the look of the game as well. If your computer can handle it, be sure to set the graphics settings to the max to enjoy the view!



  • Mounts
    • Added Y key to be used to summon mount if players has a mount in slot.
    • Added ability for player to attach a cart to the player while using a mount.
    • Added no mount zones, for dungeons, caves and cities if needed.
    • Added the riding profession, while the player is riding the mount they will level up the riding profession. Max level riding profession will give 30% increase to mounted speed.
    • Added mounts to be able to save.
    • Added the new no mount zone to all teleported locations.
  • Added a new world event in special locations. Random Elder's orbs will spawn in area's to collect some great loot, but beware if you open it anything can happen or nothing will....
  • Added old fairy foliage method to identify collectables.
  • Added wisdom as a new stat to increase Max Mana, Mana Regen, an Holy Absorption.
  • Added Dexterity to increase Physical Ranged Damage, Dagger damage, Spear Damage, Fist Damage and Crit Damage.


  • Changed the starting zone location to the middle of the map, also now all factions will start in same location this should improve different factions playing together.
  • Changed NPCs and traders to visually look better and be less costly.
  • Changed fire dungeon to be in new demon hotspot in old human zone.
  • Changed ice dungeon to be in new demon hotspot in old savage zone.
  • Changed poison dungeon to be in new demon hotspot in old dryad zone.

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions is available on PC.

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