The King of Fighters ALLSTAR: Nakoruru and Haohmaru Join the Roster

Welcome new characters to the roster.
Welcome new characters to the roster. Netmarble

A new update has been released for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, which sees the return of two characters that are now playable. There are also new battle cards and of course, new in-game events for everyone to enjoy.

That said, let's start with the two new playable characters. The first is XV Nakoruru (Balance Type) who has a Leader Skill which increases ATK power of Blue element fighters at a certain level. When an Active Skill is used, the Finisher Skill cooldown is lowered and gives Symbol to enemies with physical DMG.

The second is XV Haohmaru (Balance Type), also has a Leader Skill, and in his case, increases the extreme fighters’ Active Skill DMG and Finisher Skill to a certain level. XV Haohmaru is immune to stun and freeze and this allows him to preserve any DMG received and recovers when an Active Skill lands.

New Battle Cards

There are new battle cards available to all players. Once a special card is equipped to an exclusive fighter, XV Nakoruru can reset her cooldown time for Finisher Skills while XV Haohmaru can increase DMG upon usage.

New In-game Events

To celebrate the new update, players can join new in-game events to get rewards. These include:

  • Login Bonus Event
    • When players log in, they get the chance to acquire:
      • Rare Enhancement Hammer.
      • Team Samurai Badge Fragment.
      • Haohmaru Commemorative Gift Fragment.
  • Rush Dungeon
    • Players can get the Nakoruru Dice and Fighter Power Up Items by clearing a round set in each stage.
  • Challenge Dungeon
    • If players acquire one of the new fighters, they can enter the dungeon and various rewards are available upon clearing each stage.
  • ​Mini Game
    • Players can roll the dice and get various rewards including Rubies and the Enhancement Hammer.

New Packages

Players should be happy to know that Black Friday Celebration New Packages are available in-game but for a limited time. There's the Black Friday EX Fighter Summon Package 1 which contains:

  • Black Friday Mystery Box x1
  • BF Carnival Coin x150
  • Black Friday Event Coin x150
  • BF EX Fighter Summon Token Vol.1 x11 or BF EX Fighter Summon Token Vol.2 x11
  • BF EX Battle Card Summon Token Vol.1 x12 or BF EX Battle Card Summon Token Vol.2 x12

You can check out the complete list of packages here, which are available from November 24 to December 4.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available on Android and iOS.

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