Intel Xe Graphics Card Leaks Indicate A Non-Gaming GPU

Intel-Xe-GPU WCCF Tech

Gamers, tech geeks, and PC enthusiasts have been waiting for Intel to make some noise regarding their upcoming Xe graphics cards. Fortunately, we do have some news about the Xe graphics cards, but it might not be what gamers want to hear.

According to the leaks, the first Xe GPU is going to be codenamed “Ponte Vecchio”. Instead of partaking in the perennial war between AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, Intel GPUs are geared toward Exascale computing. This also means that the Intel Xe GPUs are going to extremely powerful and very expensive.

The Xe GPUs are all part of a supposed “Project Aurora” along with the new Xeon processors and a new API for programmers. With this information at hand, it could be possible that the Xe GPUs have nothing to do with gaming, but users might expect to see a new technology filtering down to the consumer market in the near future. However, there is no idea as to what technology could emerge out of this endeavor.

According to WCCF Tech, Xe GPUs will be operating by including DL/Training, HPC/Exascale, Cloud GFX, Media Transcore Analytics, Gaming, Workstations, PC Mobile, and Ultra Mobile. WhyCry has stated that Intel is going to reveal more information regarding the 7nm based Xe GPUs on November 17, 2019.

Although Intel is not currently focused on gaming GPUs, the leaks state the gaming GPUs are in the works. That said, we might not see them any time soon.

Users have already been talking about how the graphics card market could end up changing when Intel introduces one of these graphics cards. Once a third company joins the graphics card war, it could be very possible to see changes in graphics card pricing across brands. However, it’s all speculation and nothing can be said until Intel actually reveals one of its future GPUs to the world.

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