ICARUS: Some Olympus Missions Revamped in Week 44 Update

Week 44 Update
Week 44 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Rocketwerkz is continuing to improve old missions in ICARUS with the game’s latest patch. Week 44 Update features a revamp of some missions found on the Olympus map.

In the Kill List mission, wolf packs now spawn at clue locations and their levels scale more accurately to the difficulty setting the player has selected. Furthermore, these rabid animals have their "anchored" behaviors altered, meaning they will no longer go beyond 1,000 meters of their spawn zone. This is a good change for players who don’t want the wolves to chase them on the entire map.

The Headstone mission in ICARUS has been revamped as well. The survey equipment the players need for the mission is now contained within the dropship. This is to streamline the mission setup and remove any opportunity for collision issues with the care package. The drop location has also been moved closer to mission objectives, so players no longer need to travel far to reach them.


Kill List Mission
  • When reaching a clue location, a map icon appears to show the exact interact target
  • Shifting Quest Clue locations so the quest no longer requires backtracking when moving towards quest objectives
  • Adding Map prompts to quest objectives
Headstone Mission
  • AI now gets angry and charges at the transmitter
  • Rebalanced AI which spawns and added more variety
  • Fixed Map markers so they reload correctly mid-mission
  • Transmitter Health and Progress are now displayed as quest steps
  • Added Manual Spawn points near Survey Deployment locations
Strange Harvest Mission
  • Changed Drop Point Location to add variation to early mission drop point locations
  • Changed Entire Mission Flow, players now investigate toxins within an area eventually tracking down the source
  • Adding new Contaminated Bear Creature with Anchored Behaviour, includes new materials, fur and particles
  • Adding 3 new mission items (Flora, Digested Biomatters and a Bioweapon sample)
  • Adjusting all objective locations to reduce player travel distance and backtracking
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed rotation on railing snap position for glass floors which was causing railings to be at 90-degree angles
  • Added text to clarify water requirement on crafting windows for cement mixer, biofuel composter and electric composter
  • Added water connections to Masonry and Electric Masonry benches which increases processing speed when satisfied
  • Improve Scorpion Physics Asset to be more accurate by adding more smaller capsules to better encapsulate the mesh. Gaps between capsules meant projectiles could pass through without hit
  • Adjust equation for mammoth and elephant stomp knockback velocity, this means that large mammoth boss and elephants should no longer be able to knock players out of the map [Bug] Hurled across the map by Mammoth to out-of-bounds area and killed, losing all equipment

ICARUS Week 44 Update is available on PC.

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