ICARUS: The Mammoth Returns in Week 43 Update

Week 43 Update
Week 43 Update Steam

The infamous Mammoth, which was previously removed due to some issues, is now back in the survival game ICARUS, thanks to the Week 43 Update.

The Mammoth in ICARUS resembles its real-life counterpart and can be found in the Arctic Biome. It is a difficult one to take down, and with the storm exposure issues that plagued the encounter back in the day, it was just too much for most players to handle. Thus, the developers had no choice but to remove the majestic creature from the game, until now.

For the uninitiated, Exposure in ICARUS is a status effect that reduces movement speed and is acquired from prolonged exposure to severe weather. That said, the storm exposure bar no longer stays full when players respawn in the Week 43 Update. On top of that, players do not immediately die due to prior weather exposure when respawned.

While the Mammoth is still hard to defeat, the changes made in this patch would help players succeed in the encounter.

Other bug fixes have been implemented in this update as well. For instance, the issue where setting the “Toggle Sprint” action would not work when riding a mount has been resolved.

Patch Notes

  • We’ve also addressed optimization through improving our textures setup, which should reduce RAM usage in-game for many players.
    And finally, we’ve added the ability to easily scale stockpile rewards by difficulty, providing more personalized and balanced missions.
  • Remove unneeded Alpha channels on Voxel Albedo and RMA textures, halving file size, saving almost 0.5 GB of memory use while playing. (Reducing RAM usage)
  • Updated Shengong “Sui Shi” Pickaxe description to not indicate that it is easily repaired, as it is no different to any other workshop item
  • Fixed an issue where the damage indicator wasn't facing the correct direction
  • WeatherActions no longer add modifiers to dead players, This means that players do not immediately die due to prior weather exposure when respawned
  • Fixed river audio sometimes cutting out around river spline intersection points. FMOD voices were being inappropriately culled by virtualization when the proximity parameter applied a volume offset as different river audio components moved close to one another. Moved the volume offset to a submix channel so that FMOD ignores it in virtualisation calcs, and also tweaked the proximity curve to blend more smoothly around braided river intersections
  • Added the ability to easily scale stockpile rewards by difficulty
  • Added missing file changes to ValidAmmoTypes.cpp/h. Reconciled offline work

ICARUS Week 43 Update is available on PC.

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