Hunt: Showdown Test Server Update 1.4.4 Patch 2 Notes: More Responsive Weapons And Balancing Changes

Hunt: Shodown
Hunt: Shodown Crytek

Hunt: Showdown Test Server Update 1.4.4 went live a week ago. The update added new weapon variants, legendary weapons, and changes to gunplay. However, if the Test Server has ever taught us anything, it’s that more changes are always coming.

Update 1.4.4 - Patch #2 went live today for the Hunt: Showdown Test Server. The size of the update is 200MB and is only available for PC. The patch makes changes to gunplay and also brings some balancing changes. The weapons are more responsive now and switching weapons animations have been smoothed out.

The rate of fire for the LeMat Mark II Revolver and Nitro Express Rifle have been slightly changed. The former one was increased and the latter one was decreased. As usual, the patch also brought some bug fixes. You can read more about them from the official site. They are mentioned below as well.

Hunt: Showdown Test Server Update 1.4.4 Patch #2



  • Overall, weapons should blend nicer again and feel more responsive, as the transitions after swapping weapons have been smoothed out a bit.
    • However, some weapons might still feel a bit clunkier compared to before, as there was zero delay when swapping, and now there will always be a bit at least to ensure the shooting animation, and recoil are not skipped before the swap action is completed.
    • Weapons with Marksman and Sniper scopes, as well as powerful weapons in general will be affected by this more noticeably than others.
  • Slightly increased the rate of fire for the LeMat Mark II revolver.
    • It shoots a little bit slower than the Caldwell Conversion with regular fire.
    • The fanning speed is comparable to the Caldwell Pax now.
  • Slightly reduced the rate of fire for the Nitro Express Rifle.
    • It is a bit slower now in firing the second barrel right after the first, in order to help with animation blending and the quick swap smoothing mentioned above.



  • Fixed an issue where a wrong Hunter was displayed as the selected Hunter of a teammate in the Lobby.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Leaderboard tab to be completely empty (Note: LB can still be slow on Test Server).
  • Fixed a bug where the weapons filter had 'noise' tabs, but the 'long ammo' tab was missing, and Consumables were missing their 'noise' filters.
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