Hunt: Showdown Test Server Update 1.4.4 Now Live, Patch Notes Here

Hunt: Shodown
Hunt: Shodown Crytek

Hunt: Showdown just got a whole lot better. The next major update, Update 1.4.4, just went live on the Test Server. The update is 2GB in size and will automatically download and install, assuming you have TTS already installed. The update adds four new legendary weapons, one new weapon variant, two new traits, and tons of changes to existing content. You can read the complete patch notes of the update below and on the official site. A list of known issues is also mentioned on the official site.

Hunt: Showdown Test Server Update 1.4.4 Patch Notes


New Weapon Variant

Winfield M1873C Vandal Striker

  • Variant of the shortened Winfield Vandal.
  • The knife attached to its barrel can be used for both heavy and light melee attacks.

New Legendary Weapons

Martini Henry Marksman "Oberon's Hound"

  • Martini-Henry IC1 Marksman

Martini Henry Deadeye “Sacrosanct”

  • Martini-Henry IC1 Deadeye

Springfield Marksman “Archangel

  • Springfield 1886 Marksman

Nagant M1895 Precision "Polar Star"

  • Nagant M1895 Precision



  • Dead hunters no longer play the "healed" sound effect when they stop burning.



  • Refactored controls to allow more fluid transitions between equipment actions and sprinting.
  • Players are now able to sprint as soon as the aim input is lifted, even if a weapon is technically still in the firing process and applying recoil.
  • Previously the delay before players could sprint after firing a shot could only be circumvented by quickly switching equipment. This is no longer needed.
  • Applies to Hunter and Gunslinger controls schemes and all combinations of Aim Down Sights or Sprint set to toggle or hold.


  • It is no longer possible to interrupt the firing process right after a shot, while it is still applying recoil.
  • Switching to other equipment is queued and executed right afterward.


  • Pistols that enter the Aim Down Sight state have slightly increased sway, fading out over a short period of time.


New Trait: Necromancer
"Using Dark Sight revive a downed partner from a distance, though at the cost of a small amount of health."

  • Available at Rank 69.
  • Costs 4 Upgrade points.
  • Used similarly to the Serpent trait (25m range, 10s channel time).
  • User loses 2.5 health per second during channeling.
  • Starting channeling will NOT stop the burning state of the corpse-like a manual revive does.

New Trait: Whispersmith
"Reduces noise when selecting equipment."

  • Available at Rank 32.
  • Costs 2 Upgrade points.

Bounty Hunt

Weapon Loot

  • There is a chance for weapons to be found in bounty hunt missions now.
  • Mostly but not exclusively low tier weapons (Unlock levels are generally below rank 10)
  • All weapon categories (close to long-range) are represented.
  • Weapons looted are marked as Contrabands.


Expanded starting equipment for Quickplay

Global Changes

  • Added a first aid kit to every Quickplay recruit.
  • Removed First Aid kits from the spawn lists (they can’t be found anymore in Quickplay).

Random Class

  • Added the Specter Compact as possible starter equipment.
  • Added the Nagant M1895 Dual Wield as possible starter equipment.
  • Added the Caldwell Conversion Pistol Dual Wield as possible starter equipment.
  • Added the Nagant M1895 Silencer Dual Wield as possible starter equipment.

Medium Range Class

  • Added the Nagant M1895 Dual Wield as possible starter equipment.
  • Added the Caldwell Conversion Pistol Dual Wield as possible starter equipment.
  • Added the Nagant M1895 Silencer Dual Wield as possible starter equipment.

Short Range Class

  • Added the LeMat Mark II as possible starter equipment.
  • Added the Specter Compact as possible starter equipment.


  • Optimized loading screen hints to better support new players with best practices and advice.
  • Slightly adjusted equipment and outfits of the first free Hunters a new player can choose from.

Training Boss replaced with Butcher

  • Players will now face the Butcher instead of the Spider in the training maps.
  • Basic: 25% health
  • Advanced: 50% health
  • Professional: Normal health.


  • Player will be shown on the leaderboard only if they meet all those conditions:
  • Logged in within the last 30 days
  • Have at least 100 kill in Quickplay or 100 Kill or Assist in Bounty Hunt
  • Didn't opt out from showing their stats publicly
  • Not banned
  • Played at least 50 hours


  • Added Springfield Marksman “Archangel” for 400 Bloodbonds.
  • Added Martini-Henry Deadeye “Sacrosanct” for 600 Bloodbonds.
  • Added Martini-Henry Marksman “Oberon's Hound” for 600 Bloodbonds.
  • Added Nagant Precision “Polar Star” for 300 Bloodbonds.


Double of Nothing DLC

The weapons in the "Double or Nothing" DLC have been split up. It is now possible to equip each pistol on its own, and mix and match with others of their type. They will still be shown as a unique weapon when the pair is equipped.


  • Fixed a bug where the radius of the poison bomb was displayed as 8m instead of 3m.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing knives would remain in the air after detonating a poison barrel.
  • Fixed an issue where players could prematurely cancel the reload of the Mosin-Nagant M1891 Avtomat, shortening its reload animation.
  • Immolator was wrongly playing 'bump into something' animation on dead AI.
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