The Hunt: Showdown Shooting Range Now Available in Recent Update

Update 1.13 Crytek Studios

Hunt: Showdown received a pretty massive patch just recently. Update 1.13 has finally introduced the Shooting Range.

Welcome to the Shooting Range

The Shooting Range provides a safe space for Hunt: Showdown players to test their loadouts. This is also a perfect place for them to get accustomed to the game's unique gunplay before getting into an actual battle.

Here, they will find target dummies that represent actual hunters, meaning they have the same hit points and can suffer from status effects as well.

However, unlike real battles, there are things exclusive to the Shooting Range. For one, players will know how much damage they've dealt thanks to the floating damage indicator. Each time they shoot the target dummy, floating numbers spawn at the point of impact. Additionally, these indicators have different colors to make standard damage and damage dealt by status effects easily distinguishable.

Aside from that, players can utilize the ping function to gauge their distance from the target. This feature displays a range indicator from the player's current location to the ping marker's position. With this feature, they will know where they should position themselves for maximum damage.


Ammo Supply Rework

  • Ammo Crates
    • The following numbers are the fixed amounts per ammo type you will receive when resupplying from regular ammo crates:
      • Compact Ammo: 8
      • Medium Ammo: 6
      • Long Ammo: 2
      • Shotgun Ammo: 2
  • Special Ammo Crates
    • These are the amounts you will receive when resupplying from special ammo crates:
      • Special Compact Ammo: 8
      • Special Medium Ammo: 6
      • Special Long Ammo: 2
      • Special Shotgun Ammo: 2
      • Arrows: 3
      • Compact Bolts: 3
      • Bolts: 2
      • Nitro Express Ammo: 1
      • Dolch Ammo: 3
      • Bomb Lance Ammo: 2
  • Ammo Box (Consumable)
  • These are the amounts of ammo you will receive when resupplying from an Ammo Box:
    • Compact Ammo: 20
    • Special Compact Ammo: 20
    • Medium Ammo: 15
    • Special Medium Ammo: 15
    • Long Ammo: 5
    • Special Long Ammo: 5
    • Shotgun Ammo: 5
    • Special Shotgun Ammo: 5
    • Arrows: 7
    • Compact Bolts: 7
    • Bolts: 5
    • Nitro Ammo: 2
    • Dolch Ammo: 7
    • Bomb Lance Ammo: 5
  • Small Ammo Packs
    • Compact Ammo (Red Packs): 4
    • Medium Ammo (Blue Packs): 3
    • Shotgun Ammo (Green Packs): 1
    • Long Ammo (Yellow Packs): 1


  • Increased base damage for all Shotguns against Hives and Armoreds.
  • Increased base damage for Throwing Knives on Horses to allow a single body hit to kill.
  • Incendiary ammo can now set players on fire with one hit at short range until its base damage starts to drop over distance.
    • Larger ammo types travel further before this starts to happen.
    • The Salveskin Trait will protect Hunters from being set on fire on the first hit.
  • Increased recoil for the Mosin-Nagant M1891 Avtomat to make it less controllable on full-auto and further reduce the chance for successive hits at longer range.
  • Explosive extra ammo increased to base extra ammo levels:
    • Explosive Ammo on Springfield 1866: from 9 to 12.
    • Explosive Ammo on Martini-Henry IC1: from 7 to 10.
    • Explosive Ammo on Nitro Express Rifle: from 2 to 4.
    • Explosive Ammo on Caldwell Conversion Uppercut from 3 to 9.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

So, will you be practicing at the Shooting Range in Hunt: Showdown?

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