Hunt: Showdown Update 1.12 Solo Gaming Changes and Overhauled Tutorial

Update 1.12
Update 1.12 Steam

Hunt: Showdown developers want players to know the fundamentals of the game as soon as they play it. That’s why the game’s tutorial has been completely overhauled in Update 1.12 to improve the onboarding experience. Read on to find out what has changed.

Complete Tutorial Overhaul

The game now has new tutorials that beginners can complete. The first is the Basic Tutorial where players are introduced to the game’s core elements by a veteran hunter named John Victor. The basic tutorial provides some custom objectives that players can accomplish. Those who do not know what they’re doing can refer to the manual or read the hints as they move along the tutorial.

Completing the basic tutorial for the first time provides new players with a fresh Tier 1 Hunter, with everything they’ve collected during their playthrough intact. On top of that, players will also be given three additional hunters with predefined traits and equipment so that they have a few options to choose from.

Once the basic tutorial is finished, players have the option to partake in the Advanced Tutorial. The main objective here is to locate the spider boss and eliminate it. The rewards from banishing the said boss are for players to keep.

Unlike the basic tutorial where players are given useful hints to help them complete the objectives, there is no hand-holding in the advanced version. In other words, the advanced tutorial is akin to an exam, where the player’s knowledge of the game will be put to the test.

Finishing the advanced tutorial for the first time rewards players with a free level up. They get to keep all of the stuff they’ve collected during their run as well.

Solo Gameplay Changes

Update 1.12 also adds new conditional effects to some existing hunter traits, helpful to those who want to go into the bayou solo.

For example, necromancer players can now revive themselves using a button on the death screen. Players have to wait a little while, though, as this option will only be active 10 seconds after death.

Here are the other solo conditional effects added in this patch:

  • Magpie
    • Solo Hunters with Magpie now have an increased maximum of 10 seconds Dark Sight Boost, instead of 5. They will now gain 10 seconds of Dark Sight Boost when they pick up the Bounty and will also gain 2 seconds back from looting a Hunter or investigating a Clue, instead of 1.
    • Additional Effect (for all Hunters, not just Solo): Magpie will now always give all 3 effects when picking up Bounty; the duration remains unchanged.
  • Serpent
    • Solo Hunters with Serpent can now interact with Clues, Bounty, and Banishes from up to 50m, instead of 25m.

So, what can you say about the newly overhauled tutorial system in Hunt: Showdown Update 1.12?

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