Hunt: Showdown The Phantom of the Catacombs Coming Soon

Beware the phantom.
Beware the phantom. Crytek

A new DLC is coming to Hunt: Showdown and it's going to introduce The Phantom of the Catacombs. In addition to a new legendary hunter, players can also look forward to two new legendary weapons along with a legendary tool.

The legendary hunter is the Bone Mason, who was known as Béatrice Maunet. Her story starts in Paris with the bells of Notre-Dame de Paris ringing in screaming agony. The City of Light has been experiencing rain for five days and Béatrice is not only drenched but also exhausted. She's been looking for her son Henri, but unable to find him despite searching each street and alley.

Going Underground

This left her with no choice but to head to the underground, in the Catacombs of Paris. As she stands at the entrance, she sees the warning "Arrête! C'est ici l'empire de la mort," which translates to "Stop! Here lies the Empire of Death." Knowing just how courageous Henri is, she heads to the dark halls with a faint hope in her heart.

A Sad Find

In the dark halls of the dead, Béatrice managed to memorize the feel of each skull and bone. She learned each crack and fracture which made the dead unique. She continued walking in the dark until she felt the familiar touch of her boy’s face. She then followed the bones back and came out of the catacombs with the lifeless and decomposing body of her son.

Becoming the Bone Mason

She later cleaned the remains of her son and gave him his last bath. With her mind now clouded by remorse, she now looks for closure in the place where it all began, the Catacombs. Each midnight she would offer his bones to the walls and treat them with the respect and great precision of an artist hoping they would accept her precious son. However, the walls had gone silent and over the years, she not only lost her will but also name and became the Bone Mason.

A New Journey

As time killed the last spark of hope that Béatrice had, a mysterious letter suddenly arrives and points at Louisiana, a place where she could find other lost souls. As she journeys across the Atlantic, she tenderly caresses the satchel she’d crafted. No one believes the story behind the satchel, but Béatrice has always found comfort in the familiar touch of its cover, said to be bound in her boy’s own skin.

Other New Content

In addition to a new legendary hunter, players can also look forward to these new legendary weapons:

  • Fissure
    • Each bone Béatrice touched in the Catacombs of Paris left a mark on her mind.
    • She adorned this Romero 77 Hatchet with the same tools she used to make room for her boy’s remains in the bone walls.
  • Fresh Marrow
    • Béatrice still remembers the smell of rotting marrow vividly.
    • This Caldwell Conversion Uppercut was named after she brought it to the Bayou to fend off dangers by expelling the fresh marrow from her enemies’ bones.

Finally, there’s the legendary tool called the Scarfskin Satchel. According to stories, this first aid kit is decorated with the decomposing skin of Béatrice’s son.

Wishlist The Phantom of the Catacomb s on Steam now. Hunt: Showdown is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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