Hunt: Showdown Devil's Moon Event Now Live; Introduces New Legendary Hunters and Weapons

Devil's Moon Event
Devil's Moon Event Steam

The biggest event of Hunt: Showdown this year is now underway and will last until February 15, 2023. The Devil’s Moon event offers plenty of challenges, and in order for you to get the most out of it, you’ll have to choose between three different Pacts. Along with the new event is an update that introduces two new Legendary Hunters, as well as new weapons to help make things in the Bayou more exciting.

Choose a Side

In the Devil’s Moon event for Hunt: Showdown, you have an option to choose one of the three Pacts: Infernal, Lunar, and Grounded. Each Pact has its own set of unique Traits that can help you complete challenges and make your life easier in the game.

Infernal Pact
Infernal Pact Steam

Now, if you want to join a Pact, you must first earn a Pledge Mark. You can get one automatically by completing challenges and collecting enough Event Points. Once you have a Pledge Mark, head to a Supply Point, currently a Pledge Post for this event.

Here, you will find three ballot boxes that represent the Pacts mentioned earlier. You can pledge to the same Pact twice, each time giving you a better, more powerful Trait for more Pledge Marks.

Lunar Pact
Lunar Pact Steam

For example, if you give one Pledge Mark to the Grounded Pact, you’ll get Death Cheat. What this Trait does is that you will not lose your Hunter if you fail to extract, but you will sacrifice all of your Pledge Marks in the process.

Giving four Pledge Marks to the Grounded Pact will give you Shadow. This Trait is good for those who want to go stealthy because monsters can’t see you but they can still hear you. This effect only becomes active if you have at least four Pledge Marks with you. This is handy when getting away from Grunts easier without being caught.

Grounded Pact
Grounded Pact Steam

New Content

Two new Legendary Hunters are up for grabs in Hunt: Showdown. You can unlock the “False Saint” Legendary Hunter on the Free Battle Pass. But if you want to complete the collection, get Ochenkov’s Widow, the second Legendary Hunter of the bunch, by buying the Battle Pass Premium for 3,375 Blood Bonds (BBs).

In addition, four new weapons can be unlocked in the Free Battle Pass, including the Winfield M1876 Centennial Trauma, Martini-Henry Ironside, LeMat Mark II Carbine, and Springfield M1892 Krag.

Frau Perchta DLC
Frau Perchta DLC Steam

Now, if you’re so inclined, you can also purchase the Frau Perchta DLC. This DLC contains the Legendary Hunter Frau Perchta with her Dawn and Dusk variants, as well as the Midwinter Tusk skin for the Martini-Henry IC1 rifle, the Unkempt skin for the LeMat Mark II revolver, and the Avalanche skin for the Frag Bomb.

This DLC is priced at $14.99. Although the price is pretty steep, it is a good way to support the developers if you like playing Hunt: Showdown.

So, are you going to partake in the Devil’s Moon event?

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