Humankind Releases New Trailer At Game Awards 2019

Are you ready to rule?
Are you ready to rule? Amplitude Studios

Turn-based and historical strategy game Humankind officially released a new trailer during The Game Awards 2019. Developer Amplitude Studios revealed that ever since they announced the game at Gamescom back in August, they have been receiving a number of questions from the gaming community. In particular, many of the questions were focused on the roles players were going to take.

The new trailer hopes to answer these questions along with giving an additional preview of what the game is about. You can view the trailer below:

So to answer the question, the team over at Amplitude said that players are going to be "playing an avatar you create." This is an avatar that players can cutomize to have the biggest impact in the game. That's not all, as the avatar is going to evolve visually over the course of the game. The growth is going to be based on a number of items that include the way the character is played, achievements earned, and the way cultures and civilizations are developed.

Players can level up their leader through a meta-progression system to unlock custom looks that they can then show off in multiplayer matches of up to eight players.

Humankind is a 4X game that some have said is comparable to the Civilization series. If you're not familiar, 4X refers to a strategy-based video game where players control an empire with the goal to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. These types of games are known for offering deep and complex experiences. Focus is typically placed on technological and economic development, along with a number of non-military paths. 4X games usually take long to finish due to the micromanagement needed.

Going back to Humankind, players lead their own civilizations across six major periods of human civilization, beginning with the nomadic age. Similar to other games in the same genre, players can choose how to expand and develop their cities while controlling military and other types of units.

There is one major thing that separates Humankind from the others. Within each era, players can select one of the ten civilization types that are based on historical societies. The selection then offers both bonuses and penalties, especially in how players build out their civilizations. Since a player can choose different civilizations as a starting point, there are a number of different patterns that can be developed.

Humankind is expected to be released on the PC in 2020.

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