Humankind January 19 Patch Brings Support for M1 and M2 Processors on Mac

HUMANKIND Steam/Amplitude Studios

Humankind ’s latest patch went live yesterday and it brought some much-needed changes. It also included a new scenario and a plethora of bug fixes.

Terra Incognita is now the first that can reach and explore Antarctica without destroying it, and you can play it with six different cultures. The patch brings support for M1 and M2 processors on Mac, and adds a new agreement called Cultural Entente.

The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

  • Terra Incognita. Be the first to reach and explore Antarctica without destroying it! Playable with 6 different cultures.
  • Added the ability to give cities, money and influence to another Empire through the diplomacy screen.
  • Changed the city creation flow between Neolithic and Ancient Era: the first city creation and the 1st outpost creation are not mandatory anymore.
  • Official support for M1 & M2 Processors on Mac. Thank you all for your feedbacks!
  • [TWR] Added a new Agreement, Cultural Entente: Territories under the other signing Empire's cultural influence will yield a bonus of Food and Industry for their City, and Signing Empires will not generate any new "Oppressing my People" grievances between each other.
  • Added quality of life improvements to the modding tool: clean useless elements, preview the size of the mod, clean override elements and associated feedbacks.
  • Nerfing the "Cultural Blitz" affinity ability for it to give a lower amount of influence.
  • Added the possibility to disband units outside of your borders. Population is lost then.
  • Added the name of previous cultures in the Empire screen.
  • Added feedbacks to see the previous cultures of opponents in the tooltip of their current culture on the Diplomacy screen.
  • Re-organized the main menu and the pause menu items.
  • Re-organized the top-left HUD to show Pollution and (TWR) International Sway.
  • Improved feedbacks on Uncovered assets: when concealed units are uncovered, they now appear with a border.
  • Added feedback on unlock conditions for persona items.
  • Moved the Calendar type to the new game settings, so that all players have the same one.
  • End conditions settings are now saved from game to game.
  • The "/kick playerName" command has been added to kick players that have conceding defeat but stay in the End Screen during a Multiplayer game (for the host only).
  • (Cultures of Latin America) Improved the description of the Caralan Emblematic Unit's Plant Lore ability.
  • An infinite symbol has been added on Independent People's lifespan when they are under Client State

The complete changelog of Humankind January 19 Patch is available on Steam.

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