RimWorld Update 1.4.3613 Now Live, Patch Notes Here

RimWorld Update 1.3.3287
RimWorld Update 1.3.3287 Steam

RimWorld, the indie game by Ludeon Studios, received a minor patch yesterday. Update 1.4.3613 brought minor changes with tons of bug fixes and improvements. The “Person” translation key is moved to the Core, while the duplicate state entry of RestFallRateFactor is removed.

The baby-to-child dialog won’t be locked anymore, and child prisoners won’t disappear when they attempt to wear adult clothing. You can read the highlights of the patch below.

  • Improved performance of apocriton's resurrection ability on maps with many mech corpses.
  • Shuttles trying to land on a map that was despawned will fallback to using one of the player's home colonies instead.
  • Xenotype name is locked when loading custom xenotypes from gene assembler.
  • Updated name-in-game content.
  • Moved "Person" translation key to Core.
  • Removed duplicate stat entry RestFallRateFactor.
  • Fix: Styling station can instantly change hair and tattoo styles by pressing Escape or Enter while the dialog is open.
  • Fix: Power consumption on inspect string incorrect when using a consumer with idle power consumption.
  • Fix: Fence-blocked animals attempting to reach food that is diagonally accessible but cannot path to become stuck.
  • Fix: Child prisoners attempt to wear adult clothing, causing it to disappear.
  • Fix: Odd ordering of animals on animals main tab in certain circumstances.
  • Fix: The "No trait" option on growth letters does not save and load correctly.
  • Fix: Releasing pawns from prison sometimes automatically recruits them.
  • Fix: AI trying to use tox gas on immune targets.
  • Fix: Baby to child dialog becoming locked.
  • Fix: Some recipes missing ingredients in tooltip.
  • Fix: Reimplant ability not working with custom xenotypes.
  • Fix: BackstoryTitle translation key not used in Dialog_NamePawn.
  • Fix: Thought LabelCap loses lapel capitalization in PostProcessLabel.
  • Fix: Issues recruiting pawns in quests.
  • Fix: Xenogerms with different genes and name stack in trade screen.
  • Fix: Pawn lend quests only take into consideration children and babies when determining colonist count when generating.
  • Fixed issues dealing with betrayal and refugee quests around recruiting of refugees: Refugees are properly removed from extra faction lists when they are recruited. Recruiting a refugee will immediately fail the betrayal quest.

You can read the complete patch notes of RimWorld Update 1.4.3613 on Steam.

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