Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Coming March 14 to PlayStation

It’s also going to be available for iOS on the same date.
Mix the physical and digital.
Mix the physical and digital. Velan Studios

If you're in the market for a new kind of gaming experience, check out Hot Wheels: Rift Rally. It offers something unique by mixing the real world with digital environments. This one is going to be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and iOS starting March 14.

In the game, players are put behind the wheel of their favorite Hot Wheels vehicles through the Chameleon RC car which can transform digitally into at least 140 vehicle variations. Versions include the iconic Twin Mill along with the Bone Shaker, Gotta Go, Mach Speeder, and more fan favorite vehicles. There are even Rift Rally original vehicles included in the mix.

There are two ways to play in the game. The first is the Stunt Mode where players need to drive and stunt the Chameleon without gates while they chain together drifts, wheelies, and even burnouts. The goal is to get a high score to obtain rewards. The second is the Campaign Mode where players set up Rift Gates and create the ultimate mixed reality track. Be ready to explore different challenge maps that come with multiple challenges to finish and races to race.

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is made possible through a collaboration between Velan Studios and Mattel, Inc. Talking about this new game, Velan CEO Karthik Bala revealed in a statement that their mission has always been to develop breakthrough games which feel magical to players. He added that their background when it came to blending digital and physical play taught them a lot and they used it to offer a new experience for the game.

Meanwhile, Mattel Global Head of Digital Gaming Mike DeLaet shared that the innovative game design and technology of Velan introduces a unique experience to players by transforming their homes into the ultimate Hot Wheels track. Mattel Chief Design Officer Chris Down added that the game is able to unlock a new kind of creative play where Hot Wheels fans can bridge physical play with digital play.

Pre-Order Now

Pre-order of the game is now available for these versions:

  • Standard Edition ($129.99)
    • One-of-a kind Chameleon RC car
    • Four high-tech mixed reality gates
    • Charger cable
  • Collector’s Edition ($149.99)
    • Collectors Edition Chameleon RC car
    • Limited edition die-cast McLaren Hot Wheels car
    • Bonus unlockable car: McLaren Senna

Are you ready for a new racing experience?

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