Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Weekly Update: Get Ready for Romance with The Drive into Love Bundle

Ready for some love?
Ready for some love? Bethesda

It's the month of love and everyone knows it's always good to be prepared. This week in Fallout 76, you can do just that with The Drive into Love Bundle. Get ready for some love and head over to the Atomic Shop to get this bundle for 1,400 Atoms.

This bundle has a lot of items and each is also sold individually:

  • Drive Into Love Photomode Frame Set
    • Atom Price: 500
  • Tunnel of Love Heart Arch
    • Atom Price: 250
  • Kneeling For Love Pose
    • Atom Price: 250
  • Hands Over Heart Pose
    • Atom Price: 250
  • Tunnel of Love Arch
    • Atom Price: 250
  • Cappy and Bottle Couple Wall Sign
    • Atom Price: 250
  • Right the Way Cappy Statues
    • Atom Price: 250

Free Items

This week, there are truly cool items up for grabs. All players can get the Neon "Let it Roll" Sign for free, and what makes this even better is that it's staying in the Atomic Shop for quite some time, so there's no hurry to get it. That's not all since players can also get the Pink Suit, which is free as well, until February 7.

For those who subscribed to the Fallout 1st service, the additional free item this week is still the Vendor Bot.

Headed to the Vault

There are more items available this week but for the ones listed below, they'll go back to the Vault on February 7. These are:

  • Cappy Backpack
    • Atom Price: 700
  • Log Cabin Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1,200
  • Contemporary C.A.M.P. Bundle
    • Atom Price: 840
  • The Armory Weapon Paint Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1,400
  • Raider Skinner Outfit
    • Atom Price: 560
  • Settler Carpenter Outfit
    • Atom Price: 490
  • Settler Welder Outfit
    • Atom Price: 490
  • The Keeper Outfit
    • Atom Price: 560
  • Grafton Monster Mascot Outfit
    • Atom Price: 420

Weekly Offers

These are offered this week in the Atomic Shop:

  • Red Shift Power Armor Skin (Fallout 1st)
    • Atom Price: 980
    • Available: January 31 to February 7
  • The Flying Fortress
    • Atom Price: 490
    • Available: January 31 to February 1
  • Mobile Home Trailer
    • Atom Price: 350
    • Available: February 1 to February 2
  • Solid Yellow Shipping Container Set
    • Atom Price: 490
    • Available: February 2 to February 3
  • Destroyed Trailer
    • Atom Price: 350
    • Available: February 3 to February 4
  • War Rider Power Armor Skin
    • Atom Price: 980
    • Available: February 4 to February 5
  • Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck
    • Atom Price: 350
    • Available: February 5 to February 6

Be sure to check out all the offers available this week in the Atomic Shop. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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