Hitman 2's Latest Sniper Assassin Map Prison Takes Agent 47 To Siberia

Agent 47 goes to Siberia.
Agent 47 goes to Siberia. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 is releasing its latest Sniper Assassin map tomorrow, July 30. Dubbed "Prison," the map takes Agent 47 to the Perm-14 prison facility located in Siberia, Russia. This is the second post-launch Sniper Assassin map to be released as part of the game's Expansion Pass.

Players who own the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass can download Siberia (The Prison) tomorrow July 30, and the map is expected to clock in at under 2 GB on all platforms. Once downloaded, Expansion Pass owners get access to an entirely new location in the ‘Destination’ menu that includes the Siberia Sniper Assassin mission (Crime and Punishment).

The mission brings new challenges that can be completed to add a permanent multiplier to the player's score. This pushes players up the leaderboards and enables them to upgrade their rifle with extended magazines, additional ammo, faster reloads and more. With an upgraded rifle, players earn more points on their way to unlocking the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic.

Included with Hitman 2 – Siberia are:

  • New Location (Siberia, Russia)
  • New Sniper Assassin Map: Crime and Punishment
  • New Sniper Assassin Challenges
  • Rifle Mastery Progression, including the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic unlock
  • Multiplayer: Online co-op
  • New Trophies / Achievements to earn

Objective Overview

Once Agent 47 arrives in Siberia at the prison, he’ll have four objectives to complete in order to call his mission a success. The Crime and Punishment mission objectives are:

  • Eliminate Roman Khabko
  • Eliminate Vitaly Reznikov
  • Eliminate the Siberian Tigers
  • Cause a Prison Riot

Boss Background

In terms of story, the first boss is Roman Khabko, who made a name for himself and went up through the ranks of the American arm of the Russian Mafia. A drug deal went south giving him no choice but to go to Russia. There he resumed most of his former work, but when he overstepped his boundaries, he was arrested and placed at the Prem-14 facility. Dreaming of a return to warmer climates, he has managed to pool whatever money he has left to bribe prison warden Vitaly Reznikov to help him escape.

Warden Reznikov was a former KGB operative who made friends and enemies in all places. Eventually he obtained a position at FSB and pulled some strings to get access to a number of abandoned facilities. He rebuilt the facilities as prisons to host some of the state’s most controversial prisoners. Reports of abuse, disappearances and corruption started trickling out of the Perm-14 facility and rumours persist that Reznikov lets high-ranking prisoners leave if they pay enough.

Release times for the new map in North America for July 30 are:

  • Xbox One: 9:00 AM
  • PS4: 11:00 AM
  • PC: 1:00 PM
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