Hitman 2 Releases Update 2.50 Tomorrow

Hitman 2 update 2.50 released.
Hitman 2 update 2.50 released. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 is releasing update 2.50 tomorrow, July 30. The updated is expected to be 1.7 GB for consoles and 850 MB for the PC. Game update 2.50 brings with it a new Sniper Assassin Map. In addition, this latest update adds Hawke's Bay to the Contract Mode.

In celebration of 20 years of IO Interactive, Anniversary Suits will release, which are inspired from characters of IO's previous games. These include Futo, Lynch and Christoper Stone (The Freedom Phantom). These in-game suits had been available in the first Hitman, but are now going to be available for Hitman 2 to those who sign up for a free IOI Account.

Changes that comes with Update 2.50 include:

  • Camera Grids
    • A few months back, a change was made were security camera grids were always visible. With the update, this added as a setting in the Options>Gameplay>Camera Grid menu.
  • Illegal HUD Prompts
    • The update involves a visual change to alert players when they are about to pick up an illegal item or perform an illegal action. In the past, there would be a small red exclamation point attached to the interaction button. Now, a slightly larger exclamation point has been added next to the interaction button and made the interaction circle turn red, instead of white, when performing the action. The ambition with these two small tweaks is to make it more apparent to players that they are about to perform an action that is illegal.
  • Stash Icon
    • Small visual changes has been added to the Stash Points in-game, like trash cans, that show a subtle icon to indicate to players that an item has been stashed there. Currently, each Stash Point has the interaction marker, which is a small white square, that indicates that were players can interact with an item. Now, that interaction marker will be ‘filled in’ to indicate that an item is stashed there.
  • Attention Spike
    • The latest update made three subtle changes to the Attention Meter to make it easier to know when players are gaining attention and how close they are to becoming compromised or spotted.
      • The color has been changed to yellow instead of white thus making it easier to see.
      • The meter now "fills" allowing players to see how close they are to being spotted.
      • A technical change has been made to the attention meter to prevent it from not being visible on-screen. It was previously a 3D object in the world and in some cases, depending on where the camera was positioned, it wasn’t visible to the player.

You can read the full list of changes with Update 2.50 here.

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