Here's Your Guide to the Easter Special Sale in Naraka: Bladepoint

It's going to be a fun celebration. 24 Entertainment

Easter is almost here and to celebrate, the people over at Naraka: Bladepoint have come up with an Easter-themed event. However, what's even more exciting is that there's a special limited sale where a bunch of items are being offered at a discount.

Before we go over the items on the sale, let's take a quick look on the event. For starters, the game's 3D lobby is set to feature cute bunny statues and colorful Easter eggs. Players able to complete daily quests get to earn egg tokens and Easter Eggs collected can be exchange for a Kurumi accessory which is the Easter Bunny. Meanwhile, Soulbloom Easter Eggs can be used for a lucky draw.

Easter Sale

From March 20 to April 9, players can enjoy as much as 60% off on various items. The items and new price are:

  • Outfit
    • Kurumi Legendary Outfit: Soul Land * Xiao Wu (1500)
    • Feria shen Legendary Outfit: Martial Infinity * Wing Chun (1500)
    • Zai Legendary Outfit: Martial Infinity * Baji (1500)
    • Wuchen Legendary Otfit: Jinsha Site * Dream of Shu (1300)
    • Wuchen Legendary Outfit: Divine Crane (1300)
    • Valda Chui Legendary Outfit: Tsunami (1300)
    • Viper Ning Legendary Outfit: Journey of Blades * Spider Demoness (1300)
    • Takeda Nobutada Legendary Outfit: Autumn Hunt (1300)
    • Hadi Legendary Outfit: Brocade Shirt * Festive Color (240)
    • Feria Shen Legedary Outfit: Division Robes * Festive Color (240)
  • Weapon Skin
    • Great Legendary Skin: Onmyoji Arena * Coral Blade (1300)
    • Katana Legendary Skin: Soulbloom Gem (1000)
    • Longsword Legendary Skin: Winter's Savor (1000)
    • Dagger Legendary Skin: Blossom Branch
  • Accessory
    • Feria Shen Legendary Accessory: 2674 * Mech Prototype (3350)
    • Feria Shen Legendary Accessory: 2674 * GiantKitty (900)
    • Matari Legendary Acessory: Rabbit Ears (900)
    • Justina Gu Legendary Accessory Winter Hare (800)
    • Feria Shen Legendary Accessory: 2674 * Midnight Prototype (660)
    • Matari Legendary Accessory: Rabbit Tail (650)
    • Feria Shen Legendary Accessory: 2674 * Heart Tail (650)
  • Grappling Hook
    • Poetic Rhymes * Lion Dance (2400)
    • Flying Squirrel (3000)
  • Other Items
    • Mark of Victory: Feline's Call (1200)
    • Emote Gesture: Soul Land * Fleetcharm Bunny (360)
    • Hairstyle: Soul Land * Phoenix (600)
    • Kill Announcement: Soul Land * Fleetcharm Bunny (200)
    • Kill Announcement: Meow Meow (200)

Naraka: Bladepoint is a free-to-play action battle royale game that was developed by 24 Entertainment and published by NetEase Games Montreal. It has a maximum of 60 players fight each other and see who's the last one standing. The game features martial arts-inspired melee combat along with a rock-paper-scissors combat system.

Naraka: Bladepoint is available for the PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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