Changes Being Made to Hero Skills in Naraka: Bladepoint

Changes to gameplay in the works. 24 Entertainment

A big change is coming to Naraka: Bladepoint and it looks to be focused on hero skills. This revamp is indeed pretty huge and may even affect how players use their heroes.

The first question is, of course, why such a change was needed or even if it was really necessary. In a post, developer 24 Entertainment revealed that what they wanted for the game was to make sure that each hero was not only viable but can also be used in different ways. This should allow for an enjoyable gameplay experience. However, the studio said that when they looked at the date, there were some skill variants that had low usage rates.

Low Usage Rates

There are a lot of reasons why such skill variants have low usage rates. The most obvious are balancing issues where certain variants give off a feeling of either being underpowered or overshadowed by others. It's also possible that some variants have some specific usage conditions which make less practical to use especially in most gameplay scenarios. Then there's the meta and the preferences of the players.

Streamlining Skill Variants

As a result, a comprehensive revamp was needed wherein the skill variants were streamlined from three versions down to "two more polished options." This upcoming revamp should improve not only the overall balance but also the diversity of hero skills. It seems that the expectation is that each should become more versatile and more enjoyable to play. The studio assured everyone that they are going to make sure that the hero versatility is balanced with the overall gameplay experience.

Meet the Justice Vigilant

The revamps on the skills are currently in progress and is now being tested through the game's newest hero Shayol Wei. She'll be added to the roster on January 31 and is set to have two variants to her skill and ultimate. She's currently available on the test server so there's still time test out how the changes fell. All heroes are eventually going to have a skill revamp.

What do you think of this planned change? Is it good for the game?

Naraka: Bladepoint is a free-to-play action battle royale game first released for the PC in August 2021. It was then ported to Xbox consoles in 2022. A version for the PlayStation 5 was released in July 2023.

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