Hearthstone: Get Ready for Season 3 of Battlegrounds

The Professor is here.
The Professor is here. Blizzard

Season 3 of Battlegrounds in Hearthstone is finally here, so ready or not, players must prepare for Professor Putricide. He's not only bringing a new Hero Power but also Undead and dual-type minions.

Professor Putricide not only returns to the Hero Pool with a new Hero Power but also comes with new art. For his power, it's called as Build-An-Undead which allows him to: "[4 Gold] Craft a custom Undead. (3 Creations left!)"

Battlegrounds Updates

Season 3 arrives in the game with Patch 25.2 which also introduces these changes:

  • The start of Season 3 means the end of Season 2.
    • All rankings reset.
    • Battlegrounds Quests removed.
    • Minion pools updated.
    • Battlegrounds Track switch over.
    • All rewards earned but not yet claimed are immediately claimed.
  • The 15-damage Damage Cap now persists until both a hero has died and the game has reached turn 8 (the 10 Gold turn).
  • Armor now appears overlayed on health bars on the scoreboard.
  • Undead and dual-type minions have been added as a regular part of Battlegrounds.
    • The same number of minion types will be in each Battlegrounds game.
    • This means an additional minion type is excluded each game after the change.
    • If either type of a dual-type minion is in a game, the dual-type minion will be in that game.
  • Undead appear in every lobby for two weeks after the patch.
    • They appear in 75% of lobbies for an additional two weeks.
    • Then, they are going to be part of the regular rotation of minion types.
  • For a short time after the launch of Undead, turns 5+ will be 5 seconds longer.
    • This gives players time to learn new cards.
    • This is expected to be reverted in a planned hotfix following the patch.

Battlegrounds Track

The Season 3 Battlegrounds Track offers 40 new Battle for Silvermoon-themed cosmetics, including four Legendary Hero Skins, three Epic Hero Skins, eight Rare Hero Skins, one Rare Board, one Rare Bartender, and nine Rare Emotes.

Hero Updates

The arrival of Professor Putricide also brings hero updates that include:

  • Millificent Manastorm (Tinker)
    • Old: Passive. Mechs in Bob’s Tavern have +1/+1.
    • New: Passive. Whenever you summon a Mech, give it +2 Attack.
  • Lord Jaraxxus (Bloodfury)
    • Old: [1 Gold] Give your Demons +1/+1.
    • New: [1 Gold] Choose a friendly Demon. It consumes a minion in Bob’s Tavern to gain its stats.

You can view the complete list of hero updates and new minions in Battlegrounds in the patch notes for Update 25.2.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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