Halo Infinite Save-Wiping Glitch Annoys Some Players

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No one wants glitches in their games, especially the ones that can wipe out your progress. In Halo Infinite, some players have reported one such glitch in single-player and multiplayer.

The Save-Wiping Glitch

The glitch gained attention when players started reporting online. User 99humanity said that at the end of the second to last mission, they decided to quit the game. When they resumed, something odd happened. In the main menu, loading the game only ended up with a countdown timer and nothing else. Their save file was at 0% progress as if something wiped it clean.

For user Insanit_Sicario, they believed that the issue was a corrupt file save. They tried to resolve the issue with typical troubleshooting, yet nothing changed. The same countdown timer was there too, and the problem with loading the save file. The progress from the save seemed to have been wiped out.

In both reports, one thing was common: the third-person perspective. The users said that the camera would end up in the third-person camera before the progress drops to zero upon a reloading attempt. That’s probably right before the save file breaks.

Possible Causes and Workaround

This huge glitch isn’t exclusive to PC players. 99humanity had a prior event where they encountered an Xbox sign-in pop-up. That included the prompt to click “Let’s Go” to proceed. However, they warned others never to do it because that might be the cause of the glitch.

For some reason, when you’re already signed up and you sign in again, the process might corrupt your save. So, their advice is to avoid the pop-up. Don’t log in and just close the pop-up whenever it appears.

While players wait for developers to respond, some are already looking into potential causes. 99humanity said that the double log-ins might be caused by several reasons, such as plugging another controller or when using the quick resume feature on Xbox.

YouTuber Dustin K also experimented on Halo Infinite to better understand this glitch. The content creator forced the pop-up by disconnecting and reconnecting the controller multiple times. Their save files ended up corrupted after repeating those actions. Check out their video below to learn more, including some ways to fix it for those playing on different platforms.

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