Halo Infinite: Console Players Clamoring to Disable Cross-play Due to Cheating

Halo Infinite Technical Preview
Halo Infinite Technical Preview 343 Industries

Less than two weeks after the release of its multiplayer beta, Halo Infinite is now bombarded with cheaters. This has prompted some users to call on developer 343 Industries’ attention to let them disable cross-play until this gets resolved.

A lot of people were pleasantly surprised when the developers launched the multiplayer beta of the game not long ago. Aside from that, the title even supports cross-play right from the get-go, which means that you can technically play with others regardless of whether they’re playing on PC or Xbox.

However, some users have reported recently that cheaters may have possibly invaded the game.

Cheaters Abound

Redditor @KanoxHD said that some are likely using aimbot less than a week after the game’s release. In the video, you can see that the suspected player has impeccable aim against a stationary or moving target.

Another user shared a video of someone who is using a controller mod. The player even admitted that they’re using such when the user asked if they were cheating.

User @jcb_response shared on Twitter a video of him getting matched with a cheater in Halo Infinite. Because of this, they said that the developers must add an option to allow players to disable cross-play until an actual anti-cheat is implemented.

Redditor @Kamui_Kun said that the developers must also think about implementing a reporting function in the game. As of now, it is pretty inconvenient to report someone because you have to go to the website just to do so.

This is seconded by another user who replied that the UI of Halo Infinite is “impressively bad.” They added that the report button is non-existent.

Redditor @masteve has a grim opinion about this whole thing. They said: “Cheating will never be fixed until there is real accountability for cheating. As long as it's easy to recreate a game account, cheaters will always find a way to cheat.”

Redditor @SterionGW suggests that the developers lock the multiplayer aspect behind a paywall. In other words, you can only join a multiplayer session if you’re willing to spend money.

Cheating has always been a serious problem in games, especially for competitive titles like Halo Infinite.

Have you played the game already? If so, have you had bouts with players who you suspect of cheating?

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