Gunfire Reborn: Latest Update Introduces New Enhanced Occult Scrolls

Gunfire Reborn January 21 Update
Gunfire Reborn January 21 Update Twitter/@GunfireReborn

The latest update for Gunfire Reborn is here and has introduced new Enhanced Occult Scrolls. Some balancing changes, improvements, and bug fixes are also included.

Occult Scrolls are items that can give you some passive effects. They can be enhanced to either improve bonuses or have the downsides reduced.

That said, there are new Enhanced Occult Scrolls that you can get. One of the most notable is Enhanced: Final Judgment. When you have this, your weapon attacks and Hero skills can instantly kill normal enemies and elites with less than 20% HP. Additionally, you can kill bosses with less than 10% health. This essentially gives you a culling strike when given the right conditions.

Another significant Occult Scroll is the Enhanced: Bullet Bank. This converts all ammo you pick up to the one used by your current weapon automatically, in addition to gaining three Copper.

Aside from the new Occult Scrolls, the devs are planning to upload the first batch of Gunfire Reborn backgrounds and items to the Point Shop next week as well.

Update Highlights

  • [Enhanced: Advanced Depot]: Use reserve ammo first rather than magazine when shooting
  • [Enhanced: Copper Miner]: All enemies dead within 15 meters drop 2x the basic reward, within 7 meters drop 3x the basic reward
  • [Enhanced: Gourmet]: Buns now recover full HP, and +50 Max Shield/Armor for 20 seconds
  • [Enhanced: Strategic Advantage]:+40% Movement Speed and Rate of Fire (RoF) for 3 seconds after using Dash
  • [Enhanced: Shrine of Recovery]: Fully recover HP after changing stages. Recover 5% HP per second if no DMG is taken within 5 seconds. The recovery will stop upon taking any DMG
  • [Enhanced: Field Support]: While the holder is moving, +30% weapon damage for yourself and your teammates
  • Reduced the interval of using [Crown Prince]’s Primary Skill [Energy Orb]
  • Now [Ao Bai] is able to discard weapons and interrupt [Dual-Wield] while Dual-Wielding
  • Added a new route in [Hyperborean Jokul - Stage 2]
  • Tweaked combat flow in [Anxi Desert-Stage 3]
  • When the player defeats monsters with delayed death time, the related effects of defeat can be triggered immediately
  • Optimized performance of [Golden Bow], [Strike Wing], and [Icy Spear] while being used by heroes
  • Optimized animations of [Crown Prince] and [Ao Bai] while preparing for an adventure
  • Optimized the rewards dropping special effects after completing challenge events
  • Optimized main menu performance on some widescreens
  • Fixed an issue where players might be stuck in the loading screen if the squad leader quits
  • Fixed an issue where automatic weapons cannot shoot continuously upon quickly swapping weapons

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

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