Gunfire Reborn: December 3 Patch Brings Gameplay Changes, Bug Fixes

Gunfire Reborn December 3 Patch
Gunfire Reborn December 3 Patch Twitter/@GunfireReborn

Have you encountered any issues when fighting the Pole Monarch, specifically during the countdown phase? Well, the developers of Gunfire Reborn are trying to correct them with the December 3 patch.

In addition, certain things have been improved during the said encounter. For instance, you can now quickly discern the Pole Monarch’s abilities due to optimized visual warnings.

Another notable bug fix is that the monsters in the first stages of the four maps will now scale accordingly. Besides that, left-handed weapons can be holstered properly now after dual-wielding ends.

Audio optimizations, like the background music in the Hyperborean Jokul, have been implemented.

Patch Highlights

  • Adjustments of [Pole Monarch]'s countdown phase:
    • Players may still win the fight if they can deplete all the Shield of the boss within the time limit
    • Instead of losing the battle, failure of defeating the Pole Monarch during the countdown phase will lead players to the ultimate rage phase. Players can also win the battle if they successfully defeat Pole Monarch in this phase
    • Pole Monarch will now start the countdown when it only has 5% HP remaining
    • Decreased the countdown to 10 seconds
  • Optimized [Mountain Guard]'s sprinting animation
  • Added ammo drops to different phases of [Abyssal Serpent]
  • Added the reloading animation for [Mandrill Cavalry]
  • Optimized the model and animation of [Ao Bai] in the lobby
  • Lowered the difficulty of combats in [Hyperborean Jokul] and the boss fight against [Pole Monarch]
  • Lowered the difficulty of the boss fight against [Abyssal Serpent]
  • Optimized the skill sound effect of [Elite Thunderous Stalker]
  • Optimized the firing sound effect while [Ao Bai] is dual-wielding
  • Tweaked inconsistent costs of the Lv. 2 talent of some heroes
  • Fixe some locations that may cause players to get stuck in [Hyperborean Jokul - Stage 1]
  • Fixed a location that may cause players to get stuck in [Duo Fjord - Stage 1]
  • Fixed a location that may cause players to get stuck in [Duo Fjord - Stage 2]
  • Fixed an issue where players might make their way out of the area in [Duo Fjord - Final Stage]
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters in [Shoreside Valley] might not be engaged in the encounter
  • Fixed unobtainable drops in some levels
  • Fixed abnormal texts displayed after switching language
  • Fixed an issue where the model of a knocked teammate in a vault might disappear

Gunfire Reborn December 3 patch is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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