Grounded 0.6.0 Update: New Creatures and Craftables

Grounded Obsidian

Obsidian Entertainment, the developer of Grounded, recently released an update that adds three new creatures: mosquitoes, fireflies, and bees. The addition of these creatures also means more crafting content, such as armors, shields, and consumables for your character.

Another cool new change is that equipped items no longer take backpack space since they are held by the character. Also, when your character dies, the items will not be lost but will sustain small durability damage. The patch has resolved the performance drops in the autosave feature.

Grounded 0.6.0 Update

Top Community Issues

  • Foundations will no longer be invalid when snapping to other foundations that stick out of the ground too much.
  • Clients can now dump canteens
  • Autosaves no longer cause performance hitching.
  • Fixed issue with clients failing to spawn in games that have huge player bases built.


  • Fixed crash with clients joining a saved game where their loot bag was collected by another player.
  • Incomplete doors will no longer have collision after loading.
  • The player can no longer eat or drink items while gliding or zipping.
  • The player will now drop all hauled items when starting zipping.
  • The player can no longer attack while gliding.
  • Air bubbles will no longer spawn in large clumps when first approaching sources of them.
  • Door frames now have collision applied to them.
  • Fixed issue where "Craft and Equip" could cause a random inventory item to get equipped.
  • Characters will no longer fall when loading a save in which they were ziplining (not retroactive).
  • Dew drinking while hauling is disabled to prevent issues where dew disappears without giving you any hydration.
  • Fixed crash with clients joining a saved game where their loot bag was collected by another player.


  • Muscle Sprouts will now respawn.
  • Dirty droplets no longer act like clean ones when drinking them.
  • Buoyant Foundations can no longer be built underneath the water in some situations.
  • Buoyant Marker can no longer be placed on land.
  • Objects without physics will no longer cause the bounce pad to bounce.
  • The previous weapon, for the Equip Previous hotkey, now persists across saves
  • Shovel+ now has a proper faster animation.
  • Fixed some interaction issues with FrankenLine.
  • Soda droplets will more consistently respawn.
  • Punch-O Juice drops properly despawn after 72 hours so new dew can drip out.


  • Gnats will get happy after boops more consistently.
  • Aphids will now face the correct direction when descending grass blades.
  • Clovers will now save and restore properly.


  • The field of view will no longer sometimes oscillate when sprinting sideways.
  • Fixed issue with the "low O2" black vignette not working on clients.
  • Fixed issue with the 3rd person camera being in odd tilts after respawning

You can read more about the update here.

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