Grounded Update: Pond Revamp, New Crafting Content, And More

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Obsidian Entertainment, the developer of the survival game Grounded, recently released an update that works a bit on the pond. It revamped the pond and pond lab. This added new puzzles, new gameplay, and new secrets to discover. You can also explore new underwater caves. These areas include new resources, such as Algae and Muscle Sprout.

The patch updated the crafting content too. Doing so introduced Fin Flops and Diving Lantern. Plus, all smoothies have an extra level to unlock. The developers also added support for more languages, including Russian, Polish, Korean, Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Grounded Update

Top Community Issues

  • Grid-snapping non-structural buildings on top of existing structures now work correctly.
  • Underground blueprints can now be canceled, either by looking at them or with Cancel Nearby Blueprints in the Game Preview Debug menu.
  • Fixed issue where dying in the depths would place your backpack at the starting spawn ravine.
  • Clients will no longer experience twitchy movement when moving on large structures.
  • Instances of "lame" were replaced or removed.


  • Buildings can no longer be briefly placed on canceled buildings.
  • Buildings can't be built on stuffed insects.
  • Buildings can't be built on other players' unplaced buildings.
  • Floating structures will stop bobbing if connected to solid ground.
  • The player can no longer jump while gliding.


  • Spike Strips can now be placed next to each other when snapped to a grid.
  • Hedge berries will now float correctly inside the pond lab, should you somehow manage to get one there.
  • Signs no longer flicker when they are being placed on walls.
  • Signs can now be optionally snapped to the grid.
  • Buoyant markers now float properly on the water's surface.
  • Decoy Bait now properly behaves as a lure for both swimming and non-swimming creatures.
  • Diving Bell Spider Chunks are now properly marked as a tier 2 material.
  • Decoy Bait no longer causes non-swimming creatures to float in wacky ways.
  • Fixed random crashes with Grass Plank Storage and Weed Log Storage buildings.
  • Chair interaction not working for building or recycling has been fixed.


  • Pond bubbles should pop before poking out of the surface.
  • Koi collision better matches its animations to prevent the player from clipping into the model as much.

Ominent Practical Technologies

  • Recipe added.

You can find the patch notes here.

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