Grounded Patch Notes: Update 0.3.1 Solves Several Crash And Bug Problems

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Grounded's latest update, patch 0.3.1, went live yesterday. The update is available for both Xbox One and PC. No new content has been added in 0.3.1, however, it does bring several bug fixes.

The update addressed the crash issues that occurred when players were placing buildings like Walls and Foundations. Friend search is also drastically improved. The art of the Hedge area is polished and web sacs will now wiggle when they are hit. Orb Weaver loot doesn’t have Venom in it anymore, and screen effects will not be stuck anymore.

You can read the entire patch notes below and on the official site. Keep in mind that Grounded is currently in Early Access, which means that it will receive a plethora of patches before getting a proper release.



  • Fixed crash when placing grid-based buildings (Walls, Foundations, etc.)
  • Improved reliability of friend search in the server browser.


  • Fixed issue with conversations not triggering properly
  • Hedge area art polish
  • Added impact VFX for Ice Cap mints and webbed door
  • Web sacs wiggle when hit
  • Made sticky webs easier to hit while webbed
  • The teens will sometimes verbally express their excitement when using a zipline
  • Fixed durability not randomizing between which armor piece gets deducted from when hit


  • Fixed soldier ants red eyes not appearing when angry
  • Removing "venom" from Orb Weaver loot


  • Fixed issue with Dew Drops on Dew Collectors spawning on the floor
  • Reverting the change, for now, to lock containers to one player at a time since it was causing containers to stay permanently locked occasionally


  • Potential fix for duplicate arrows being displayed on bows for clients
  • Disabling web screen effect that gets applied when players are caught in sticky webs
  • Fix for screen effects getting stuck or not appearing for clients

So what do you think? Have you been playing Grounded recently? Did you encounter any of these bugs before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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