Grid Legends: Mac Version Releasing Later This Year

A new platform.
A new platform. Twitter/@feralgames

It was back in February when Grid Legends was released on PC, but that version is only for Windows. Players using macOS can breathe a sigh of relief since a version for their platform is coming out later this year exclusively on the Mac App Store.

This was confirmed by Feral Interactive during the Apple WWDC. For the macOS version, the game is going to take full advantage of the cutting-edge M1 chipsets which power modern Macs. This should be a perfect fit, especially when it comes to showcasing the exhilarating speed, fantastic looks, and irresistible handling of the game’s expansive roster of real-world cars.

There are a lot of features sure to excite macOS players. An example is the hop-in gameplay mechanic where they can immediately join the action without waiting in lobbies. In fact, it even extends to the expanded Career.

Race Creator

Another new feature is the Race Creator where players have the chance to create their ultimate matchups. For example, they can have stadium trucks go against compacts on a level playing field. There's also the randomizer button for those who just want to have a match quicker. Once a race is created, players can host events online in private lobbies and play with friends or make it available to the global community.

Revamped Feature

Players can also look forward to the revamped feature, in-race choreographer. With this, it’s more than guaranteed that no two races are the same. This is because the unique AI driver personalities push for unpredictable racing. Not only that but AI-controlled vehicles are also not afraid to fight for position and take risks to stay ahead.


In addition to PC, the game is available as well on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. That won't really be a problem since all multiplayer options feature cross-platform functionality. So, friends and players can connect no matter what platform they’re using. With PC now on Windows and macOS, expect more players to join the races.

There were no system requirements mentioned yet for the macOS version, so you’ll have to wait for the release to know if your Mac can handle it.

Are you ready for the race of your life?

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