Grid Legends Now Available Worldwide on PC and Consoles

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Start your engine! EA

Grid Legends is finally out for everyone to enjoy. The game offers, among others, players cross-platform multiplayer gameplay, story mode, and a deep career. It even offers a faster route to connect with friends. One feature that’s sure exciting is the revolutionary hop-in gameplay mechanic where players can now jump to the action in seconds without the need to wait in lobbies.

The function mentioned extends to the expanded Career. Here, players get rewards based on their performance. There are also new innovations like Race Creator. This one has players build their ultimate match-ups. Another thing to be excited about is the new “Driven to Glory” motorsport story.

One thing that players can expect is the revamped in-race choreographer which makes sure that no race is ever the same. The unique AI driver personalities create unpredictable racing at every turn, so players need to expect the unexpected. In addition, AI vehicles fight for position and will take risks to stay ahead.

At launch, players can race and even upgrade more than 100 vehicles, such as classic touring cars, big rigs, single-seaters, and even electric cars.

With the in-game Race Creator, players can create their dream races with multi-class options. They can have stadium trucks race against compacts on a level playing field. For those who want to experience the action quicker, there’s the randomizer button. Once created, players can host events online in private lobbies and play with friends or make it available to the global community.

Remember that all multiplayer options feature cross-platform functionality. This means friends and players can connect no matter what platform they’re using.

“Driven to Glory” is the story mode that utilizes a documentary style. It features live footage and driver interviews, on-track sequences, and choreographed in-game events

In a statement, Grid Senior Development Director at Codemasters Mark Green shared that this is the perfect game for friends to come together and have fun. He added that they have been able to deliver more variety along with more choices for players.

Grid Legends is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. EA Play subscribers can enjoy a 10-hour trial while EA Play Pro members can get the Deluxe Edition.

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