Going Medieval: Update 3 Brings New Resources and Cultivation Mechanics

Going Medieval Update 3
Going Medieval Update 3 Steam

Update 3 for Going Medieval titled “New Resources and Cultivation” is now available on the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam. This patch is huge and includes new resources, buildings, a fueling system, new settler modifiers, and harvesting options.

New Features

The developers made sure that the game’s more realistic than ever before with this major update. The first change that you’ll see when logging in is that you can't magically conjure some crops out of thin air anymore. Instead, you’ll need to sow seeds or plant the newly added saplings.

Agriculture now unlocks all of the crop fields, but they will only appear in the crop field panel if you have the seed for that particular crop available on the map. One seed or sapling occupies one grid space. Additionally, a settler can only carry a maximum of 300 seeds or 30 saplings in their inventory at a time.

Aside from the major changes to crops, new modifiers for settlers have been implemented. Basically, all settlers now unlock new modifiers as they age. You’ll get random perks every time settlers celebrate their birthday, though some cannot be received this way.

Furthermore, settlers can now die of old age. The chances of them dying increase as they get older, and that happens more commonly once they reach 65 and above.


  • Bread: produced as a meal if you use barley as a singular cooking resource
  • Apple pie: produced as a meal if you use apples as a singular cooking resource
  • Apple cider: produced from using apples in the brewing station
  • Honey: produced from skeps. It can be eaten raw, used for cooking, and used as a basic medkit (like herbs.)
  • Tallow: produced when butchering some animals. Also used as a basic medkit (like herbs). Can also be used to refuel candles
  • Icebox: produces ice blocks. Temperature around the structure influences the speed of production. The production will stop when the temperature becomes higher than -1. The lower the temperature, the faster the production
  • Skep: produces honey and wax. Skeps are also influenced by temperature and will not produce if the temperature is too low
  • Merchants stall: merchants will go to this structure once they appear on your map. Their goods will appear on the stall when they reach it, and you will be able to start the trading process either by the right-clicking merchant or the stall
  • Light and heat sources now require refueling to emit heat/light. Once these buildings are out of fuel, settlers will need to use one of the fuel types to refill them
    • Structures like braziers, torches, and candles need refueling to emit heat
    • Each structure can have a different kind of fuel. Torches and braziers use coal, wood, and sticks, while candles use tallow and wax

You can learn more about this major update on the game’s official Steam page.

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