Going Medieval Hotfix Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements

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Going Medieval recently received a new hotfix to address game issues. But it also brought much quality of life improvements to smoothen the gameplay experience. The developers have fixed an issue when using multi-selection on walls or windows. Previously, both walls and windows would be selected in the process. But in the latest update, only one type can be selected at a time. So, multi-selection of walls for walls only. The same goes for windows.

The developers have also added the new leaf particle effect to trees, which should make trees look better. If players are experiencing FPS drops or don’t like it, they can disable it in the options menu under the Graphics category.

Going Medieval Hotfix

Bugs Fixes
  • Fixed the progress blocker caused by pausing the game at the same time the Autosave feature triggers.
  • Fixed the issue where settlers that are sent in a Caravan would appear as "Settler Died" events in the Historical Records menu.
  • Fixed the issue that caused traded Items and resources, or ones given as gifts, to still be displayed in the Caravan Info Tab.
  • Fixed the issue that would cause resources/items to decay from weather events even though there was a roof above them. The roof would not properly register sometimes if created during the weather event.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the counter in the Research Menu to corrupt when selling/gifting allocated Books.
  • Fixed the issue where players were not able to get a Retribution achievement
  • Fixed the issue where the Room types could be created using the Structure Pile variant of the required structures.
  • Fixed the issue that caused stored items in storage structures (chest, racks) to disappear after the voxels under those structures have been mined.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the blueprint to cancel itself when the blueprint beneath it was finally constructed.
  • Fixed various issues related to missing text.
Quality of Life Improvements
  • Added particles for when production is finished.
  • Weight cap has been added to traders - trading can’t continue if the merchant can't carry any more resources
  • Settlements have a slightly different stock if they are mountain or valley settlements (wood and stone/gold/iron have different price modifiers and amounts).
  • Locking a merchant now makes the faction lose alignment (-5/h), also a note will appear when a merchant wants to leave but is locked in.

You can read more about the update here.

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