Gloria Victis: Update v. Beta Overhauls Game HUD and Reworks Interface Backend

Gloria Victis Update 306
Gloria Victis Update 306 Steam

There are some really exciting changes in Gloria Victis’ latest patch. Update v. beta overhauls the game HUD by improving the quick access menu and the minimap, among other things. The developers have also included some backend changes, improving the game’s overall performance.

Game Improvements

Let’s first talk about things that you can see. When you log in, you’ll find that the minimap has some fancy improvements. For one, it no longer populates a large portion of the screen. The icon on the upper right lets you know if you’re currently in a safe zone or in a PvP area. To make sure that you’re able to find your quest objectives easily, the developers have also made the closest event and quest icon bigger by 30%.

In addition, you’ll find the quick access list by clicking on the two-square icon on the minimap and the keybinds that lead you to specific functions.

You can now see the data of your nation members by using the “inspect” feature as well. All you have to do is right-click a specific player on the character menu. Inspecting them would give you information about their individual data, achievements, and so on.

Inspect Window
Inspect Window Steam

While some HUD improvements were introduced a while back, the game was still using old backend machinery. The devs feel that it needs upgrading, so they did a full rework of the interface backend. There are many significant improvements made, but as a whole, they made the performance better, especially with some of the interface parts now getting preloaded in the background.

Other Improvements

  • Confirmation windows received a new look, fully adjusted to match the new Interface design
  • Arena Duel windows received a new look, fully adjusted to match the new Interface design
  • When you pick an item from any inventory via drag and drop and it can be equipped, the golden flashing frame on the right equipment slot will appear
  • If you are playing a female character, from now on, as the inventory character silhouette, the model will be a woman, not a man
  • Added a yellow or green leaf near the name in inventory, to remind players of their status
  • Added a “Drop to delete” field on the left of the inventory, so cleaning up your inv will be more convenient
  • Added a simple “Delete” option in the friend's list. No need to use the dropdown anymore
  • Upgrade window icons (architect table) are upscaled to 4k now, which is making them look better
  • Updated the first tutorial to be consistent with the new UI

You can head to the official Steam page of Gloria Victis to learn more.

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