Gloria Victis: Beta Update Brings QoL Improvements and Bug Fixes

Gloria Victis
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Gloria Victis’ latest beta update is here, and it has a lot of quality of life improvements and bug fixes. This patch makes huge improvements to the Siege Engine point system. Other features have also been implemented.

Improvement to the Siege Engines

It is without a doubt that Siege Engines are useful in every siege. Back then, it was quite an inconvenience to go to a siege camp just to check the number of points available to draw out these machines. Wouldn’t it be better if there's a way to know your available points without going out of the battlefield? Well, there is now, thanks to the latest update.

A new icon now appears when you are in the siege area. This will show you the points available, as well as how many points you’re generating per minute.

In addition, the combat log will tell you how many siege points you’ve generated and warn you that your points will be reset because the siege has ended.

Update Highlights

  • Reworked the Feedback, Bug Report, and Player Report Interface windows to match it with the new User Interface system
  • Reworked the Rewards Interface window to match it with the new User Interface system
  • Disabled “Join” button in recruitment board if a player is already a member of a guild
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to exploit the 1v1 glory arena to escape events
  • Fixed an issue causing a situation where players were unable to change nations through the balance system Mercenary NPC (0 days wait time)
  • Fixed an issue where underdog temporary buffs could be brought on the main server from another server
  • Fixed an issue causing Quest Log to not support multiple groups of “rewards to choose”
  • Fixed an issue where during fishing players with the “Display the cursor movement tracker" option disabled were unable to see the cursor for the active pull side
  • Fixed an issue where the traitor status timer could be over but renewed continuously
  • Fixed an issue where at first opening the party interface by requesting the player to party, Party type tag was not translated
  • Fixed an issue where Kargald Champion Helm's skin was improperly cutting long beards

All of the things outlined here are still subject to change in the final version of this update.

Gloria Victis Beta Update is now available on PC.

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