Ghost Recon: Wildlands' Last Major Update Adds 'Mercenaries' Mode, Releases Today

It's an eight-player PvPvE mode with battle royale elements.
Ubisoft has released the Mercenaries update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the game's last major update.
Ubisoft has released the Mercenaries update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the game's last major update. Ubisoft

With the impending release of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint coming later this October, Ubisoft has decided to send off Ghost Recon Wildlands with a bang, as the developer announced the game’s last major update: Mercenaries.

Mercenaries is being billed as quite a unique experience, pitting eight players in a free-for-all PvPvE mode that’s split down into different phases with different objectives. In its official press release, Ubisoft details these phases and breaks it down to how they will play out in Mercenaries.

  • Phase 1: Recon – The start of each match starts with the extraction point virtually unknown. Your main objective for this phase is to scout for radio transmitters to shrink the extraction zone’s possible location on the map, while keeping an eye for weapons gear and items. In order to locate these transmitters, you will need to find and gather intel markers. Interacting with it will also give you one of three useful locations: the position of other players for a limited amount of time, the position of rare items like gear and weapons, or the position of a vehicle.
  • Phase 2: Helicopter Deployment – Once you’ve activated three radio transmitters, a helicopter will start flying towards the extraction point. Once it finally lands, the location will be made known to all the players. Depending on the strategy you can use this time to gather more intel to get yourself some better gear, scout enemies or if you haven’t yet, gather three transmitters yourself.
  • Phase 3: Extraction – Once you’ve gotten to the extraction point, it all comes down to filling the gauge in order to board the helicopter. This can be done by staying inside a set area around the helicopter. The gauge itself will have checkpoints, so if you are forced to leave at any time the gauge will drop to its last checkpoint made. A player wins once they get extracted by the helicopter, but it only has room for one and it will only do so if one player is inside the area.

Overall this new game mode sounds like a great multiplayer mode that mixes a lot of aspects from other multiplayer modes. It’s also quite a fond farewell to the game which will see its content drop finally end come October, with a new Ghost Recon incoming.

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