Ghost Recon Breakpoint: What Do you Get With The Year 1 Pass?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has just been announced, and we already have an idea of what it has planned for its first year.
Is it worth getting the Year 1 Pass for Ghost Recon Breakpoint?
Is it worth getting the Year 1 Pass for Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has just been announced, and fortunately we already know when it's coming out. Due October 4, 2019, the next installment to the Ghost Recon franchise is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

While the game won't be out for another five months, it's already available for pre-purchase on the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store. With four different editions and a whole lot of goodies, exclusives, and bonuses, everybody's scrambling to find out which edition gives them the best bang for their buck. If you're one such person, read our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Edition Guide to find out which edition is right for you.

Apart from the Standard Edition, which includes only the base game, the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, and Collector's Edition of Ghost Recon Breakpoint also give players instant access to the Year 1 Pass. But what exactly is the Year 1 Pass and what does it offer?

In the official Ghost Recon Breakpoint announcement, developer Ubisoft also mentioned some of its content plans for the game's first year after release. Currently, the Year 1 Pass will give players access to two planned DLCs called Deep State and Transcendence. These DLCs feature more content and story expansions, and will be released at different times during Year 1. Access to the Year 1 Pass will also enable users to play Siren's Call, a bonus mission to be released when the game launches in October. Year 1 Pass holders can also be able to get one-week early access to other content releases throughout the year, including the three new character classes planned for Year 1. Finally, Year 1 Pass holders will receive the Special Forces Pack, which includes the long-range rifle Quiet DMR, the Covered ACH weapon, Crye G3 Combat Pants, and the Cross Draw Vest.

If you're not sure whether you'll like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, getting an edition with the Year 1 Pass might be a bit of a gamble since you'll be spending more. After all, you can always purchase the Year 1 Pass separately once you know you enjoy the game, even though you'll be spending a little bit more than if you bought the Year 1 Pass along with the game in a bundle. However, if you think you will like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, then the Year 1 Pass is definitely worth it. Not only will you get a whole bunch of goodies alongside access to paid DLCs for Year 1, but you'll also save a moderate amount by purchasing any of the editions above Standard.

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