Gedonia Update 0.29a: Blessing System Rework, General Changes, and More

Gedonia Update
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Gedonia developer, Kazakov Oleg, recently released a new update that makes some changes including the rework of the blessing system. The developer noted that the blessing system is quite broken and abusable, so they limit its access within the campaign. Read more about the rework for this system in the patch notes below.

Furthermore, the update modifies how many arrows players have on spawn, which is now 30 arrows instead of five. The update also removed friendly-fire from exploding arrows to prevent allies from taking damage, a real deal if you can’t shoot properly.

Gedonia Update 0.29a

Reworked Blessing System

  • You will get blessings much more often during gameplay, blessing scrolls will be dropped often, and there will be statues around the maps that will provide you blessings.
  • If you decide to start over the current campaign with increased difficulty, you will keep your blessings. So after a couple of runs, you will still get to this cool overpowered state of the character, but the way you get to this will be different each time, and the difficulty will match.
  • Each blessing window will offer you nine blessings instead of four, so you will find something useful most of the time. I've also added about 30 new cool blessings.

Dungeon Mode

  • Added merchant at the start that will sell white equipment.
  • A lot of the stats on the equipment were rebalanced. Mainly some of mana bonuses on +magic damage items were too big, which was overpowered. Also changed stats on trinkets to make them more interesting.
  • Enemies are now distributed in packs a little more consistently. Animals with animals, bandits with bandits, etc.

Other Changes

  • Added new passive ability in archery tree that will allow you to spend fewer arrows.
  • Rain of arrows damage increased by 33%.
  • Rend now works with arrows.
  • Enemies won't use abilities through walls anymore.
  • Enemies can't block while they are stunned or knocked down anymore.
  • Dual weapons now have slice effects.
  • Added new passive in banditry tree - multistab.
  • Added new passive in banditry tree - backstabbing shadow.
  • Elemental attacks with beast element now correctly drain mana.
  • Bloody attacks now have an internal heal amount, which will be restored over time. This means that you won't be able to constantly spam it all the time and heal, you will need it to restore in about one minute.
  • Divine weapon cooldown decreased to four minutes from five.
  • You can now disable automatic focusing on the enemies in melee and small-step to them. This will make aiming a little harder, but will give you more freedom, and will change melee battles quite a bit overall.
  • Paladin seal damage bonus increased.
  • Fixed shadowwave skeleton healing.

You can read more about the update here.

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