Gedonia Update 0.25a Patch Notes: Abilities Changes, Enemy Changes, and More

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Kazakov Oleg, the developer of medieval open-world RPG Gedonia, introduced some minor changes to the game. The changes for enemies include the removal of auto dodge by chance. This leaves dodge roll only. Also, you can find new loot from enemies in the starting area and chests in bandit camps.

The ability changes include Shadow Wave skill having a 30-second cooldown without a mana cost. For Skeletons, the changes balanced their health and damage. While the mass aggro of Ice Skeletons is now better.

You can finally resize your UI by going to the Settings. This is helpful as some parts of the interface can get quite annoying.

Abilities changes:

  • Shadow wave skill now has 30 sec. cooldown and doesn't require mana. Area of effect is increased
  • Skeletons health and damage rebalanced, now they are weaker at the start, but they receive more health and damage bonus from dark magic attribute.
  • Ice skeletons now have better mass aggro
  • You can now place only 3 traps at a time, and they can't be too close to each other
  • Dodge roll range and speed increased
  • You can now do power jump while running
  • Arrows can now deal critical damage
  • Werewolf basic health regeneration decreased
  • New abilities for werewolf, now he can stack "werewolf rage", and after a certain amount can ravage enemies and restore health
  • While sprinting, werewolf secondary becomes a powerful charge attack
  • Charge knocks enemies down more effectively

Enemies changes:

  • Autododge by chance is removed from the game, only dodge roll is left for enemies
  • Increased rate of attack for enemies
  • Charged abilities like charge, earth slam, or explosive projectile now correctly stop when enemy is stunned, knocked, or dead
  • Exp rewards from petrified souls at the starting area nerfed
  • Health of the frogs from the starting is decreased
  • New loot for enemies in the starting area, new chests in bandit camps
  • Giant wasp stats rebalanced
  • Monastery at the starting location now sell loot starting from friendly reputation
  • Removed few hills near black goat world boss

Interface changes:

  • Bigger indicator of unspent skill points
  • You can now categorize active and completed quests in journal
  • All available quests are now shown on the map even if you didn't explore the zones
  • You can now toggle roof showing in building mode
  • Changes to joining faction interface
  • Added quest map indicators for starting faction quests
  • You can now resize your UI in options
  • minimap scale is correctly saved

You can read more about the update here.

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